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What's Your Otherkin Type? | PlayBuzz


May 24, 2015 ... Have you ever wondered what your kintype is? Take this quiz to find out! Just remember that this is a quiz, and is meant for fun, not as an ...

What type of 'otherkin' are you? - Quiz - Quotev


Jul 4, 2014 ... ... demon, polymorph, non-kin... Please comment and like, thank you! (Not all otherkin types are included here, there are too many to name!)

Take The Are You Otherkin Test | OkCupid


This test will measure just how much of an Otherkin you are! It's geared for those who are curious, or who might just be Otherkin. If you don't know if you're an ...

Otherkin Wiki - Wikia


Otherkin Wiki is a community site that anyone can contribute to. ... what otherkin are, how someone can be otherkin, and a list of some different types of kin types.



The pages linked off of here are designed to awaken the otherkin aspect within you. ... and multiple hosts and probably a ton of other possibilities I am forgetting. ... unique than "regular" folks, and a sense of community with others of your kind.

Manimool — Kintype Quiz


Apr 12, 2013 ... I am Manimool, a newly awakened nature-centered mystic. ... http://www.okcupid. com/tests/what-is-your-otherkin-type-kintype-indicator-test.

how to be sure - are you kin? - Otherkin Phenomena


it's really hard to explain how you know what kind of kin you are, or if you ... i have always known i am a demon. talking to other demons in various forums has ...

Urban Dictionary: Otherkin


Otherkin are a fringe group of human society who, for one reason or another, believe ... Each of these Otherkin types undergoes a process that is often called an ... I am currently a gryphon living inside a human body, if you disagree then you ...

An FAQ on Otherkin for the Perplexed Observer | Just An'otherkin


Aug 16, 2013 ... The otherkin community is often perplexing for those who have only just ... it is important that I stress that I am not some sort of otherkin guru, I do not .... a fleeting one and very few otherkin seriously want to be their kin-type.

Hot Thread! - Otherkin: Am I or Am I not? (Originial) | Psionic ...


Dec 4, 2013 ... (Normally otherkin and other types have abilities born with them from their .... many people ask when it comes to Otherkin is "Am I a otherkin?".

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HelloQuizzy.com: What is your otherkin type? Kintype Indicator Test!


Hello. Welcome to the Kintype Indicator Test! This test will attempt to accurately guess your otherkin type (if you are otherkin, that is). Please note that this quiz is  ...

What Kind Of Otherkin Are You?, a SelectSmart.com Mythology ...


This SelectSmart.com Mythology selector, a free online personality quiz, is a creation of Cyanid and for amusement purposes only. The implicit and explicit ...

you might be otherkin if... - eristic . net


Disclaimer: This list is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, a kind of "ha ha only serious". ... you MUST have these traits or you're not otherkin, and/or if you have these ...