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Pit bull is the common name for a type of dog. Formal breeds often considered in North America .... Many of the jurisdictions that restrict pit bulls apply their restriction to the modern American P...

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Jan 15, 2016 ... The result is the current Pit bull Breed, who has come far from their blood sports origin. Today there are many types of Pit bull breeds to choose.

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There are various different types of Pitbull, which are highly muscular, glossy, medium-size and commanding dog. Despite all the stories concerning alleged ...

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Jan 11, 2016 ... Pit bull breeds have been as misunderstood and confusing as the dog itself. ... clears the air by giving you information on the different types of pit bulls. ... As their abuse at human hands continues, these dogs or any breed with ...

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Nov 21, 2014 ... ... Of Pit Bulls . . . . . 1. Types of Pitbulls - Do you know the difference? ... Did you know that there are several types of pitbulls? And that the term ...

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There are three main breeds of pit bulls and several smaller offshoots. ... descriptive term that encompasses many different breeds, coat types, colors and sizes.

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All about the American Pit Bull Terrier, info, pictures, breeders, rescues, care, ... Their natural aggressive tendencies are toward other dogs and animals, not people. .... Unfortunately the breed has become a status symbol for many types of  ...

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How many types of pit bulls are there? It depends on who you ask. Red nose pit bulls and blue nose pit bulls merely refer to color of the nose leather--with one ...

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First, it is important to know that Staffordshire Terrier and “Pit Bull” are not official breeds, but rather common terms used to describe a certain type of dog. There ...

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The Pit Bull, Pittie or APBT, as he's known for short, is often described as a .... to realize that there is much misinformation around the nature of Pit Bulls, as well as ... specifying how a fence has to be constructed for “Pit Bull-type” breeds.

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Types of Pitbulls - Do you know the difference?


Did you know that there are several types of pitbulls? And that the term pit bull does not refer to a single breed of dog?

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Pit Bulls are one of the most maligned and misunderstood dog breeds in the world. ... There is an American Pitbull Terrier, an American Staffordshire Terrier, ...

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Pictures of the American Pit Bull Terrier along with bios on the dogs. ... Pit Bulls are by far the most maligned breed out there. ... and Jake (the rather large mixed breed) and her favorite three sisters of the feline kind (Missy, Baby and Deuce).