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Rex rabbit


Rex rabbits have since become a popular domestic rabbit breed among ... and may bite handlers, though with enough love and attention they will never do that.

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Jan 27, 2013 ... Rabbit raiser gives presentation about the different breeds of rabbits. ... grey with a white nose, and a small white spot on his forehead. do you know what breed it is? ... I have a 1 month adorable girl baby girl checkard giant.

How to Know What Type of Rabbit You Have | Animals - mom.me


Two- or multi-toned rabbits may have all kinds of splotches, spots and shading, although stripes of ... Wild rabbits have short hair, and so do many pet rabbits.

What Kind of Rabbit Should I Get? | House Rabbit Society


Feb 1, 2013 ... Adult rabbits usually don't chew as much as youngsters do, and when .... HRS recommends that rabbits have companionship of their own kind.

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List of all rabbit breeds recognized by ARBA, along with weights, brief descriptions and link ... If the rabbit breed title is a link, you can follow it to our short rabbit breed information page with photo. .... Sides of face, chest and legs alternate colors, and back should have 5 or 6 alternating bands or bars. .... Please do not co...

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The Top 10 Pet Rabbits are listed below in popular groups and types: ... OK, so your children have decided they want rabbits, and I say rabbits, plural, as you .... Rabbits do not make ideal pets for very young children if they are going to be the  ...

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Do you like rabbits? Have you ever wondered what kind of rabbit you were? Well now you can find out! All you have to do is take this quiz and you can see if ...

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Rabbits have strikingly distinctive personalities. ... As with other species, however , the mixed breed often has a kind of offbeat appeal, and what breeders see as ...

Your First House Rabbit


We have known aggressive lops (a breed supposedly gentle and friendly), ... The vast majority do not, and prefer to snuggle on the ground, with you lying close ...

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Rabbits have an excellent sense of smell, hearing and vision. ... Although typically very quiet, rabbits do communicate vocally, with varying types of vocalisations ...

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Rabbit Breed Identification


Does your rabbit have ears that flop by the side of its head? If so, it's a lop of some kind. Does it have unusually short, thick, round ears? Look at the Netherland ...

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In order to identify the breed of a bunny, the reader must first understand that there are ... Do the ears stand upright or do they "lop" down alongside the head? ... Keep in mind that many "pet quality" lop-eared bunnies have what we call ...

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We have devoted separate pages below, for each popular breed of rabbit, ... Alternatively, if you do know the breed of your rabbit, send in a photograph anyway.

Tips For Determining A Rabbit's Breed - Small Animals


Jan 29, 2014 ... Holland Lop rabbits are one of only a few breeds that have lop ears. ... C) Do the ears stand up straight in the traditional "rabbit ear” fashion?

American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.


Below are pictures of all currently recognized breeds of rabbits and cavies. ... national specialty clubs have a website promoting their breed and organization.