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Click the 'simplify' button to get more questions. Repeat ... A 'COMPARE IMAGES' link appears on left when under 100 kinds match. Use this to ... Green turtle.

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Midland Painted Turtles / Chrysemys Picta Marginata. ILLEGAL PET - NATIVE SPECIES. Care Sheet · Top of Page. Eastern Painted Turtles / Chrysemys Picta ...

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There are over 300 species of turtle worldwide and many are suitable to keep as pets. ... Snapping turtles have claws on the front feet and webbed back feet and also are recognized by their ... How to Identify Types of Baby Water Turtles.

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Besides sea turtles, there are only three species of native California turtles, and .... Sliders have bifid or slightly forked scutes, where Western Pond Turtles do not  ...

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Alligator Snapping Turtle (Macrochelys temminckii) ... We would like to know what kind of turtle we have so we can care for it better we ... how do i post a picture ...

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Leg and toe shape are also key factors in determining a turtle's type. ... For example, leatherback turtles have a leathery top shell, while desert tortoises have a drastically domed ... What kind of lawyer should you contact about a dog bite case?

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Jul 3, 2011 ... You should only buy a box turtle that has been bred and raised in captivity. Pay close attention to his care, and you could have your pet turtle for ...

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While it does not have an official endangered rating (outside of connection to the ... Box turtles do not make suitable pets for small children. ... Plant matter consumed by them is often greens, such as lettuce, moss, and certain types of grass.

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Did you know there many types of turtles and tortoises? Here's how to ... Water- loving turtles tend to have flipper-feet to help them swim. While tortoises and ...

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Issues to consider before getting a turtle as a pet, including the time and cost ... Are you willing to invest that kind of money? ... What kind of turtle should I get?

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Turtle Species, there are hundreds of different types of turtles. ... ​Alligator Snapping Turtle ... Men Don't Need Viagra If They Do This Once Daily - Kills ED.

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Who knew there were so many types of turtles? ... Those turtles belonging to the Cryptodira sub-order have the characteristic ability to retract their head into the shell. Here is a description of .... While in captivity these turtles do not do this often.

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Turtles can be highly aquatic (staying in water most of their lives) or semi-aquatic. You are most likely to see ... Some turtles have colouring such as yellow-throats or red lines on their necks. Some turtles are ... Types of Turtles: Blanding's Turtle  ...