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What kinds of jobs were there in the 1800s? | Reference.com


There were many kinds of jobs in the 1800s, including milling, farming and teaching. Other jobs included working as a servant, sewing and...

What were working conditions in the 1800s like? | Reference.com


Workers wee often abused by those that were in charge at the factories. They were often hit with belts when they didn't do their job correctly. Iron weights were  ...

11 Jobs From 1850 That Are Totally Extinct - Business Insider


Sep 4, 2013 ... To find out what types of jobs were around before the Industrial Revolution, ... They were also known as hacklers, the instruments they used to ...

Going to Work in the 1800s - edHelper.com


<sup>1</sup> Prior to the 1800s, many people were farmers. ... New jobs opened up, and people flocked to the cities. <sup>2</sup> What kind of jobs did people find in the cities? ... In the 19th century ironworks, men earned their living day in and day out in the heat of ...

Popular Jobs in the late 1700s to early 1800s? | Yahoo Answers


what were some popular jobs people had in the late 1700s-1800s in England? ... They preferred to spend their time on country estates and go ...

People's Jobs in the 1800s | eHow


During the latter part of the 1800s in the United States, industrialization came to play a prominent role in the types of jobs people... ... In urban areas, there was an increasing number of white-collar jobs such as bankers, newspaper publishers, ...

Occupations in 1860 - North Carolina Digital History - Learn NC


By the middle of the 1800s, the U.S. Census Bureau was asking more ... group; clerks, bookkeepers, collectors, and those of similar employment have been ... Are there occupations that were more or less important than you would have expected? ... reflects census officials' efforts to put the responses in some kind of order.

Why Did Immigrants Join Factories in the Late 1800s Through 1920s ...


In the late 1800s and early 1900s, immigrants traveled to America with the ... accepted jobs at factories because they had skills that were useful to industry ... What Types of Work Did African Americans Have When the Civil War Was Going On?

Irish - Joining the Workforce - Immigration...- Classroom ...


As Irish immigrants moved inland from eastern cities, they found themselves in ... West Virginia coal operators fired union laborers and gave the jobs to Irish, ... and more successful than were their parents and grandparents, as illustrated by the ...

What Types of Jobs Did Women Have in the 1800s? | eHow


Women's roles in the Western world during the 1800s were highly controlled and ... resorted to prostitution to earn a living, as there were no other jobs available.

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What were some jobs during the 1800s? | Reference.com


Jobs in the early half of the 1800s were drastically different from those in the latter half ... had a profound effect of the types of jobs that were common in the 1800s. At the dawn of the 19th century, people commonly held the same jobs they had ...

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Their work day started before the sun came up and boys' tasks might include cutting, ... In 1919 there were almost 200,000 of these one room schools across the United ... Do you know what jobs the people in your family did 200 years ago ?

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What modern jobs might be obsolete one day? ... By the time the Industrial Revolution rolled around in the 1800s, there were many different occupations.