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The Milky Way is the galaxy that contains our Solar System. Its name "milky" is derived from its .... Surrounding the galactic disk is a spherical Galactic Halo of stars and ... such objec...

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What kind of object lie in the halo of our. Galaxy? A. O and B stars. B. Gas and dust. C. Globular clusters. D. Open clusters. E. All of the above. Clicker Question  ...

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Halo. (Spiral Arms). Central. Globular. Bulge. Clusters. Schematic Side View of the Galaxy. A spiral galaxy like the Milky Way has 3 basic components to its visible ... The disk is not a clearly defined thing, because it depends on what objects that we ... The stars in the disk of the galaxy are on nearly circular orbits lying in the ...

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Apr 26, 2014 ... The most common form of gas in the disk of the Milky Way galaxy is ______. ...... What kinds of objects lie in the halo of our galaxy? globular ...

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What kind of objects lie in the halo of our Galaxy? A. ... Which of the following statements comparing halo stars to our Sun is NOT true? A. Most stars in the halo  ...

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Apr 28, 1999 ... The Milky Way system is a spiral galaxy consisting of over ... The halo - a roughly spherical distribution which contains the oldest .... of 20 stars that lie close to the galactic center over a three-year period. ... This large gravitational acceleration requires an object with a mass 2.5 million times that of our Sun.

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A) It reflects most light from far distances of the galaxy away from our line of sight. ... 6) What kinds of objects lie in the halo of our galaxy? A) globular clusters

The structure of the Milky Way


bulge; disk; stellar ("normal") halo; non-baryonic ("dark matter") halo ... What kind of stars live in the halo of M31 (and our own galaxy)? ... is concentrated at the center -- like our Solar System -- then the speed with which objects orbit the system ...

The Milky Way Galaxy


The Milky Way Galaxy, sometimes simply called the Galaxy, is a spiral ... their distance determined reliably lie roughly 72,000 light-years from the galactic centre, .... The values of Z for halo population globular clusters, on the other hand , were ..... Another type of nebulous object found in the Galaxy is the remnant of the gas ...

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Apr 13, 2016 ... They are arranged in a nearly spherical halo around the Milky Way, with ... the kinds of orbits that stars have in the cluster, encounters between ... They are the oldest objects in the Galaxy and so must have been among the first formed. ..... of absorption lines in the spectra of the stars that lie beyond the gas.

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May 9, 2012 ... What is the diameter of the disk of the Milky Way? 100,000 light years ... What kinds of objects lie in the halo of our galaxy? globular clusters.

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Nov 13, 2011 ... What kinds of objects lie in the halo of our galaxy? ... Which kind of star is most likely to be part of the spheroidal population?

Halo of the Milky Way


The halo of our Galaxy is the large roughly spherical distribution of stars and ... the possible types of compact objects in the halo of the Milky Way galaxy has ...