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Lightning is a sudden electrostatic discharge during an electrical storm between electrically ... Lightning causes light in the form of plasma, and sound in the form of thunder. Lightning may be see...

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Aug 19, 2004 ... It makes thunderstorm clouds! The cold air has ice crystals. The warm air has water droplets. During the storm, the droplets and crystals bump ...

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Has safe experiments to learn about lightning, what causes lightning, and how it's related to static electricity.

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Aug 25, 2009 ... How lightning forms ... how lightning works - Duration: 5:07. adamsuydam 255,857 views. 5:07 ... What causes thunder - Duration: 3:35.

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What causes thunder? Thunder is caused by lightning. The bright light of the lightning flash caused by the return stroke mentioned above represents a great deal ...

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Have you ever got a static electricity shock? Or seen sparks when you take off your jumper? When lightning is made the same thing happens, but on a much ...

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Apr 20, 2016 ... Thunder and lightning are some of the most dramatic weather phenomena in the UK. They are caused through the formation of cumulonimbus ...

What causes lightning?


Nov 26, 2010 ... Brief, simplified description of the processes that cause lightning.

Lightning: Just for kids


Apr 4, 2000 ... Lightning is an electric current, and just like the electricity lurking in the ... Then you've experienced the same process that makes lightning.

What causes Lightning Storms, Thunder and Lightning Strikes


Lightning is caused by an electrical discharge of electrons moving very quickly ... Movement of air inside the cloud combined with the effects of gravity causes ...

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Lightning! Zap! You just touched a metal doorknob after shuffling your rubber- soled feet across the carpet. Yipes! You've been struck by lightning! Well, not really ...

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May 23, 2012 ... Clouds may look fluffy and innocent, but they are actually active places. At their most exciting, they can create the wondrous effect of lightning.

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Learn about the giant electric sparks in the sky, lightning. Discover what lightning is made of, what shapes it can take, and strange forms you don't often see.