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What makes nails rust? - Corrosionist

To understand why nails rust is necessary to start from the metal of which nails are made: Iron. ... Now you would like to know why water makes iron rust?

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Eventually, the rust reaches the core, until you can break the nail between your fingers. Finally, the ... 11 Easy Crafts You Can Make With Stuff You Already Have  ...

Rusting Rates of Iron Nails rates of iron nails/rusting rates of iron nails.htm

After two weeks, mesuare the change in the mass of each nail. Calculate the rates of each nail's rusting by dividing the the changes in mass by the time(day).

Science Project on Nails That Rust | The Classroom | Synonym

The oxidization or rusting of nails is an interesting topic for a science project. There are ... How to Make an Egg Float Using Salt for a Science Project. How to Do ...

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Picture of Very Quick rust. With this ... An Iron object (I use nails, but you can use anything that rusts), ... Muratic acid makes ferrous metals rust quickly as well.

Nails rusting science project - Finishing

A. I am in the seventh grade and we had a science fair so I decided to do it on ways to cause rust I used: 1. 5 plastic cups or containers 2. 5 nails make sure the  ...

Rusting Nails student experiment and research - Finishing

We are 6th graders doing a science fair project, on rusting nails. There isn't .... I need to know this for my science fair project on how to make nails rust proof.

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Iron and steel rust when they come into contact with water and oxygen. ... advantages and disadvantages when used to make cars, which are recycled to re-use ... In the experiment below, the nail does not rust when air or water is not present.

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How does coffee rust a nail? Over time the coffee gets stuck in the nails and after all the warm, moist air comes to up to make the coffee, it then causes rusting.

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In this class experiment students put iron nails in various conditions including wet , dry, air-free ... D. Mix some salt with some deionised water to make a solution.

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Q: What Makes Iron Nails Rust?
A: Mathematics Involved General Chemistry Online gives a mathematical description of how iron-bearing metals oxidize. The equation (Fe(s) Fe2+(aq) + 2 ... Read More »
Q: What makes a nail rust?
A: a process called oxidation. oxygen in then air touches the iron on a nail and causes the iron to oxidize and form the rust Read More »
Q: What makes a nail rust faster?
A: The thing that makes a nail rust faster is precipitation. Read More »
Q: What Makes Steel Nails Rust in Water?
A: Steel rusts when the iron parts of it come into contact with oxygen. This creates the compound Fe2O3, the reddish brown rust that is most common on metals. This... Read More »
Q: What element makes nails rust?
A: Rusting is accelerated by abundance of both water and oxygen close to iron surface of Read More »