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Shy people avoid the objects of their apprehension in order to keep from feeling .... with classmates and teachers makes it more difficult for shy students to learn.

Study Sheds Light on What Makes People Shy - LiveScience


Apr 6, 2010 ... The brains of shy or introverted individuals might actually process the world differently than their more extroverted counterparts, a new study ...

9 Things Only Shy People Understand - Huffington Post


Jun 9, 2014 ... This habit often makes shy people great listeners, and as a result, more considerate friends, co-workers and partners. "Just because you're shy ...

Why Are People Shy? | Over Shyness


A look at the real reason people feel shy and how to overcome it. It's probably ... Now you find yourself talking to this stranger – why do you feel shy? We get into ...

22 Confessions Shy People Will Never Tell You - BuzzFeed


Jan 16, 2015 ... 22 Confessions Shy People Will Never Tell You. *Converses with ... Which, in turn, makes us feel MORE AWKWARD AND SELF-CONSCIOUS.

The Cost of Shyness | Psychology Today


Only 15 to 20 percent of shy people actually fit the stereotype of the ill-at-ease person ..... "Concern for consequences always makes you feel somewhat anxious.

Shyness - KidsHealth


Shyness is the opposite of being at ease with yourself around others. When people feel shy, they might hesitate to say or do something because they're feeling ...

What makes people shy? | Yahoo Answers


Aug 22, 2010 ... i have been shy for pretty much all of my life im a senior in high school and 17 i am usually housebound unless im headed out to school i ...

7 Strengths Shy People Have - Life Optimizer


Apr 8, 2011 ... Shy people appear to be vulnerable and easily taken advantage of .... I had to explain to her that she makes me sound like some weird nutjob.

How to Not Be Shy (with Confidence Building Tips)


The best way to meet people is to actively seek out places ... because complimenting others makes you feel good, too.

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Q: What makes people shy?
A: People get shy because they think they will get embarrassed or humiliated for speaking out loud. They are afraid of someone arguing with them and their opinion.... Read More »
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Q: What makes people shy?
A: Fear of rejection which could have stemmed from being picked on or teased. Insecurities within yourself - comparing yourself to others and feeling you won't mat... Read More »
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Q: What makes people shy?
A: I am the same way. I just want to go about my business and not be bothered. Everybody is different, being shy is not all-bad, as long as you do not let it defin... Read More »
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Q: What makes people shy.
A: People are shy because they dont no what to say to certain people. Read More »
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Q: What can make people shy when being brought up.?
A: I think one of the reasons I was massively shy as a kid was because I had two very out going, very confident, very un-shy parents. I think they did all my talki... Read More »
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