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The 16 Keys to a Good Singing Voice - Easy Ear Training


Aug 22, 2014 ... Here are 16 tips to help you get a good singing voice yourself. ... whether these keys were the cause of having a good voice, or the effect.

Can't Sing? Blame Your Brain | DiscoverMagazine.com


Jun 23, 2014 ... But my voice remains defiantly bad, and I wonder: What is to blame for this ... Instead, the usual cause of bad singing is a problem with pitch accuracy, ... “Our brains are quite good at perception, which is why so many of us ...

What Makes a Good Singer And Why Can't I Be One? - North ... - Patch


Mar 21, 2012 ... There has been much argument over whether a good voice is an inherited or a ... from a young age can mold someone into a talented singer.

Why can't we all sing well? Eurovision and the science of song ...


May 22, 2015 ... The key thing which separates good singers from bad isn't so much natural ... and the main reason why some people appear to be poor singers comes down to ... What makes a piano sound different to a voice or a guitar.

The Hidden Factor In Really Beautiful Singing - BeautifulSinging.com


Most attractive singers have a bright, speech-like quality in their voices. ... There is something that makes us feel like the sound is coming from the bottom of ... he was able to get his computer to sound like a fairly good singer by plugging in ...

Singing Tips: Have A Certain Skull Shape, And Other Science ...


Oct 29, 2014 ... As for why not everyone's singing voice is as beautiful as a pop star's? ... from singing well found that 20 percent of people didn't have good control of ... Differences in a person's physical make up can account for differences in ...

Anatomically, what gives someone a good singing voice? - Quora


This is a complicated question, because the very idea of what makes a singing voice "good" is ... will also have a huge impact upon the sound that is produced by the voice. Think of this in terms of violins: there are a few different brands of ...

Why do some people have nice singing voices and ... - CurioCity


Jan 23, 2012 ... Why do some people have nice singing voices and others have awful ones? ... don't like to sing; they just don't think their voice is good enough for singing. ... over the vocal folds causing the pressure behind them to decrease.

There is a difference between a good voice and a... | SLTA___


There is a difference between a good voice and a good singer. ... the most powerful vocalist, but her unique tone is the reason she's still here after two decades.

Why some of us are terrible singers - NBC News


Sep 29, 2011 ... Singing is complicated because you need to match a note with your ... of people can't sing accurately because they don't have good control of ... Another 35 percent of poor singers have trouble matching the pitch of their own voice to the ... it's coming from a trumpet, piano, or a person of the opposite sex...

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Just Explain It: Why Are Some of Us Horrible Singers? - News - Yahoo


Jun 18, 2013 ... In today's Just Explain it, we'll explore why some of us have voices of angels ... At it's most basic level, experts say singing is a complex act that involves good coordination ... So, in the end, what makes someone a bad singer?

5 Secrets To Make Your Voice Sound Better - Cari Cole Music Co.


Sep 26, 2012 ... I seemed to drink too much coffee, do you think that is the reason? .... I don't have a good voice but I like to sing my voice is too much manly and ...

How to Have a Good Singing Voice: 11 Steps (with Pictures)


To have a good singing voice, you'll need to warm up your voice before singing ... substitutes) in soft drinks cause phlegm and mucus to build up in your throat.