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Burping (also known as belching, ructus, or eructation) is the release of gas from the digestive tract (mainly esophagus and stomach) through the mouth.

What Makes Us Burp? - LiveScience

Jan 10, 2013 ... The only thing grosser than a burp is what causes it: bacteria deep in your belly. And, of course, extra gas and fizzy drinks.

Why Do I Burp? - KidsHealth

Some kids find that drinking soda or other carbonated beverages makes them burp more. Can you guess why? If you're thinking that it's because these drinks ... Makes US Burp?&v=iXnpX2MCxSk
Jul 23, 2014 ... Aerated drinks or carbonated drinks are gassy, or even beer as a matter of fact makes us burp. Aerated drinks causes a build-up of gas which ...

Belching: Causes, Issues & Treatments - Healthline

Other names for belching include burping and eructation. ... It is possible to belch when the stomach is not full of air. This is ..... Your privacy is important to us.

Gas, Bloating, and Burping-Topic Overview - WebMD

Gas (flatus), burping, and bloating are all normal conditions. ... Belching or burping (eructation) is the voluntary or involuntary, sometimes noisy .... Find us on:.

3 Ways to Burp - wikiHow

Learning how to summon massive monster burps on command is a great... ... First, it makes you look grosser. Second, the cavern-like .... Can you tell us about.

Foods That Cause Gas and Bloated Feeling - Burping and Flatulence

Oct 1, 2010 ... List of foods that cause gas burping and flatulence as well as the uncomfortable feeling of being bloated or gassy after eating.

Why do we burp? what makes us burp? | Yahoo Answers

Mar 26, 2011 ... Best Answer: We don't just drink soda (my example) & burp, right? We breathe in the gases that are in the air; nitrogen & oxygen.

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