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A country is a region that is identified as a distinct national entity in political geography. .... Further reading[edit]. Defining what makes a country The Economist ...

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How many countries are there, and what are their names? ... So, how do governments define what makes a country? There are three terms you come across ...

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Jul 29, 2011 ... State, nation or country – there is no legal definition of the place stamped on the cover of a passport. Adding South Sudan means that there are ...

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I need a detailed answer, so if you say for example USA because of blue chip ... The rich countries are rich means that they have higher per capita income, higher  ...

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Aug 24, 2016 ... Tony is a Generation Joshua Alum and Member of the Generation Joshua Leadership Corps and has helped lead Student Action Teams, ...

World Happiness Report: What makes some countries happier than ...


Mar 16, 2016 ... Denmark has been named the world's happiest country, according to a United Nations report.

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Jun 12, 2015 ... A rundown of the world's 10 happiest countries—and what factors might have made them that way.

What Makes a Country Successful? Small Government, Economic ...


Jun 3, 2014 ... A look at per-capita incomes, economic growth, job creation and life expectancy indicates that small, not big, government works best, contends ...

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First, Second, and Third World Countries, the common explanation of the terms. ... (What makes a nation third world? from Encyclopedia of World Geography)

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Nov 10, 2010 ... A number of social and economic factors have astonishing correlations with a nation's political behavior.

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Apr 8, 2010 ... APPLY online for visa-free entry to the United States and the Department for Homeland Security offers 251 choices for “country where you live”.

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That's a question that requires such a broad answer, I fear I won't be able to make it justice. tl;dr below. But I believe there are at least two things a nation needs to be ...

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The criteria that define a country, an independent State, and a nation. ... What makes an independent State or a country today? Has internationally recognized  ...