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Dec 15, 2009 ... So here's my personal list of qualities that make up a family that functions. It's unscientific, but it's a good place to start the discussion. Functional ...


Let us consider the functional family as one that works. ... They do not have to be in control of every decision children make, and they are able to allow and ...


Adapted from J. Bradshaw, Bradshaw On: The Family. Five Freedoms Expressed —In order to be fully functional, each human being needs to express freely the ...


In the functional family, parents focus their energy on teaching their children ... to grant them greater latitude to make choices and reap the consequences.


Person who wrote this article must have spied on my family for "dysfunctional" part. I copied too much...sorry. For me, I stopped reading at the ...


the family and make its well- being their top priority in life. They teach their children and set a good example for them to follow. Again, a functional family is.


But, at the same time, every family can function better. ... The well functioning family has the kind of balance that can adapt and even welcome change.


Apr 6, 2009 ... Here are three key elements of "the functional family". ... Anxiety heightens reactivity, which makes family members quick to try to change and fix ...


While in healthy, functional families these roles are generally fluid, change over time, ... a role, and/or is assigned one, to make up the whole which is the family.