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A nation is a large group or collective of people with common characteristics attributed to them ... basis of a common language, territory, economic life, and psychological make-up manifested in a common culture. ... Adolf Hitler said of nations: "What makes a people or, to be more correct, a race is not language, but blood".


Aug 16, 2016 ... Get an answer for 'What makes up a nation' and find homework help for other History questions at eNotes.


Jul 13, 2015 ... Discover the definition, history, and purpose of the nation state and test ... boundaries and those who define them - these make up the state.


country - A nation is made up of states—and a country is a nation defined ..... to make (especially an industry) the property of the nation as a whole rather than ...


2 : a community of people made up of one or more nationalities usually with its own territory and government … here is a race that the whole nation is clamoring  ...


Oct 1, 2011 ... Some people say that Singapore is a great nation, and when ... can see that America really lives up to its tagline as the “land of opportunity”.


Culture is an integral part of every society. It is a learned pattern of behavior and ways in which a person lives his or her life.


Nov 2, 2006 ... Tyler Cowen looks at reasons for differences in the wealth of nations: ..... can make up for any shortfall of savings deposits by simply injecting ...


Nation-building is a normative concept that means different things to different .... [ 14] Robert Putnam, in exploring the civil traditions in modern Italy that make ..... onto the brightly painted Pakistani trucks moving up the dusty roads, the children  ...


The criteria that define a country, an independent State, and a nation. ... What makes an independent State or a country today? ... Almanacs. A vast compendium of statistics and up-to-date facts and figures, on everything you need to know.