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Cellphones contain a variety of materials, all used to make your phone durable, flexible and open to getting a signal when needed. The next time you grab your ...

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mobile phone come from many different countries. Once materials are extracted, they must be converted into a form that can be used to make products.

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Feb 6, 2014 ... Cell phones can be made up of plastics, rechargeable batteries, and ... No matter how they are used, there is a use for these metals, and that is ...

The Metals In Your Phone Aren't Just Rare; They're Irreplaceable


Dec 6, 2013 ... It takes a lot of different materials to make a modern day phone, and a ... I used to pay $240 per month in gas on my '98 SUV, and my electric ...

Congo Violence Fueled By Common Material In Cell Phones, Laptops


May 8, 2009 ... By Rima Abdelkader For many, one's cell phone has become a fifth limb. ... that, when refined, stores an electric charge in a capacitor used in common electronic devices. ... Mosul Could Be A Make Or Break Battle For Iraq.

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flame retardants, cadmium, lead(used in the solder that joins the parts), nickel, ... consist of mainly copper wires encased in plastic, but materials such as gold, ... Of all the components which make up a mobile phone, those which cause the ...

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The first phones made available to consumers used a single microphone. This required the ... Here, it is sent via radio waves to the appropriate cell phone. Raw Materials. A variety of raw materials are used for making telephones. Materials ...

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They used the technology of the police radio and applied it to the technology of ... Martin Cooper did not make the first working mobile phone, he made the first ...

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May 5, 2014 ... Within plastics, the most commonly used material is polycarbonate, ... zones in a compact phone or tablet, there is only the safety cell. ... Like every other material, Aluminum is also not the perfect material to make a mobile ...

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phones, similar materials are used in many other high technology products, including personal ... documenting the materials used in electronics ... page 4. The conversion of mobile phone design ..... traditional petrochemicals for making.

What Materials Are Used to Make Cell Phones?
Cellphones contain a variety of materials, all used to make your phone durable, flexible and open to getting a signal when needed.... More »
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To make mobile phones, manufacturers first need to extract raw materials from the earth. They are then used to make each component of the mobile phone:.

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Mobile phone parts are made from a combination of rare earth elements and plastics. Rare earth elements are used to create the glass display, magnets in ... Extracting the elements required to make a cell phone is an energy intensive task  ...

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Apr 2, 2013 ... Cell phones and other gadgets are troves of rare earth elements, but unless ... Some of the key materials used to make them, mainly rare earth ...