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Using Medication to Sedate Your Cat ... These powerful medications can prove harmful if ...


Cat sedatives are used for travel and also medical procedures; there are many ... for willingly taking medication, so getting a sedative down your kitty's throat can ...


My question is: Are there any safe OTC sedatives for cats? ... The medication that I use the most often for sedation for travel is something called ... But, if there is only really mild kidney disease I will sometimes go ahead and prescribe it.


If you're planning on taking Felix on a road trip, you may want to sedate him so he ... If Felix is a little monster, he'll need more medicine than a smaller cat for to ...

Aug 1, 2012 ... The forms of sedation discussed here are as follows: using sedatives .... I need drugs to sedate my cat, so that i can remove matted fur.


Do you sedate your cat for any reason, and what do you use? I need to relax my cat so I can cut her nails (otherwise she shreds my arms fighting)... ... big and they give you the correct dosage. cut the pill in half, cat is relaxed.


1800PetMeds offers Acepromazine, an anxiety medication for cats and dogs at the ... Acepromazine is a prescription medicine FDA approved for veterinary use in ... acepromazine and notify your veterinarian if your pet show signs of sedation,  ...


You can also use anti-motion sickness medications to help settle the stomach ... If you must bring the hyperactive cat with you, medication to sedate the kitty will ...


Sedate a cat at home using the correct dosage of Benadryl, the brand name for diphenhydramine. ... If you can't pill your cat, purchase liquid Benadryl.


Would a groomer give me a pill to make her sleepy so I could mow her? ... ( Groomers can and do sedate cats, but the cats stay in their care until the ... but what you'll really want to do is use clippers to give the kitteh a buzz cut.