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Yuan dynasty

Although the Mongols had ruled territories including today's North China for decades, .... The hostile but weakened Song dynasty remained an obstacle in the south. ... prince Wonjong as the rule...


By 317 all of China north of the Chang Jiang (Yangtze River) had been ... the vain efforts of the fragmented Chinese kingdoms south of the Chang Jiang to ... From 629 to 648, a reunited China--under the Tang Dynasty (A.D. .... The principal Borjigin Mongol leader, Kabul Khan, began a series of raids into Jin in 1135.

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The leader of the Mongol Kiyad Sub-Clan was Yesugei, who happened to be ... most of the area north of the Huang He (Yellow river) was in Mongol hands. ..... The lands of the Il-Khanate were eventually reunited under Timer Lenk ( Tamerlane) into the "Timurid" Empire. .... Invasion of the Sung Empire of south China begins.

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... Federation to the north and the Peoples Republic of China to the South. ... Mongolian rivers drain in three directions; north to the Arctic Ocean, east to the ... The pre-eminent Mongol ruler of China was Khubilai Khaan (grandson of ... split of the Mongols until 1552 when the Mongol Prince, Altan Khaan, reunited Mongolia.

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However in South Vietnam there was Indian influence. From the 1st ... In North Vietnam the people resented Chinese rule and in 40 AD the Trung sisters led a rebellion. ... Then in 1288 the Vietnamese leader Tran Hung Dao routed the Mongols at the Bach Dang River. ... Vietnam was reunited under Communist rule.

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South of this. valley lie the subtropical lands of South China, the home of ancient cultures. that were destroyed or transformed by Chinese expansion from the north. .... Around 1122 B.C., the leader of the Chou tribe overthrew the Shang ruler,. who, it was ...... In the latter half of the thirteenth century, a rapidly rising Mongol.

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Emperor Taizu reunited much of China under his rule. ... The leader of the Mongols, Kublai Khan, conquered all of China and began his own dynasty, the Yuan ...

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Dec 6, 2010 ... Mongol invasion of China in the 1200s has impact today ... [In 1206,] Temujin was proclaimed [Genghis Khan] ('ruler of the world') at the Mongolian capital of Karakorum. ... The depopulation of the north and migrations to the south were so .... China to conquer the north, the first time the country was reunited ...

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Mar 9, 2012 ... Find the North China Plain, the Huange He and the Chang Jiang on the map. This is where. ... Who was the first Mongol Ruler? Kublai Khan. ... The south's... Explain the .... The Sui and Li Yaun reunited China. ***Who were ...

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Reunited once again under the Northern Song dynasty, China maintains ... whose Jin dynasty controls North China while the Song continues to rule the south. ... the quest for self-expression that marks the Chinese literati under Mongol rule. ... but assessed as a weak ruler who loses the empire to the invading Mongols.

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Which mongol ruler reunited North and South China -

Kublai Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan and fifth Great Khan,though his real influence was limited to the areas of Mongolia,China and Korea.

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Country name: Mongolia (Local short form: Mongol Ulus, formerly known as .... as China, North and South Korea, Myanmar, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkmenistan, ... reunited the Mongol tribes and captured the Chinese Ming ruler Yingzong in 1449.

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The Southern Song fell in 1279, and once again north and south China were ... Earlier in 1259, before he became the Mongol leader, he had established a ...

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When the Mongols ousted the Song in the late 13th century they contributed little .... During this time of disunity a strong division formed between north and south ..... Yuan Shikai, leader of China's most powerful regional army, went to the Qing  ...

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A building was constructed at Karakorum for the ruler and to store the wealth. ... He made his younger brothers, Khubilai and Hulegu, khans of north China and ..... The large estates in the south had been maintained under the Mongols, and .... Li Si comes to visit and is reunited with his wife, causing Zhang to go off to be a ...