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Northern Yuan dynasty


The Northern Yuan dynasty, or simply the Northern Yuan, refers to the Mongol regime based in ... Dayan Khan reunited the entire Mongol nation. ... The Northern Yuan dynasty began with the end of Mon...

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Kublai Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan and fifth Great Khan,though his real influence was limited to the areas of Mongolia,China and Korea.

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Outwardly it appeared that by 280 Chin had reunited China, but its influence waned beyond its capital. ... Under such pressure Chin collapsed, and China split north and south. ... From these political shards emerged the Turkish-Mongol state of Toba. ... The Chinese gentry under its rule, however, had retained its wealth and ...

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Location: Northern Asia, situated between the People's Republic of China .... as China, North and South Korea, Myanmar, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkmenistan, ... reunited the Mongol tribes and captured the Chinese Ming ruler Yingzong in 1449.

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However in South Vietnam there was Indian influence. ... The Chinese continued to rule North Vietnam until the 10th century. ... Then in 1288 the Vietnamese leader Tran Hung Dao routed the Mongols at the ... Meanwhile in 1959 the North Vietnamese began a long guerrilla war to reunite Vietnam under Communist rule.

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When the Mongols ousted the Song in the late 13th century they contributed little .... During this time of disunity a strong division formed between north and south China. The north was controlled by non-Chinese rulers and riven by warfare. ..... CCP trained together from 1923, in preparation for their mission to reunite China.

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Genghis Khan (c.1162–1227) A Mongol leader who rose to power around 1200. ... The Sui reunited north and south China after years of division, but their rule ...

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The leader of the Mongol Kiyad Sub-Clan was Yesugei, who happened to be a descendant of a .... He brought his army north and defeated a heavily outnumbering Russian and Cuman ..... It was later reunited as the Golden Horde but fell once again became fractured. .... Invasion of the Sung Empire of south China begins.

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Mongolia is divided into independent Mongolia, China's Nei Menggu ... too weak to maintain the rule in the border area, Outer Mongolia declared to be independent. ... journey, his sons took over his banner to continue fighting north and south.

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He made his younger brothers, Khubilai and Hulegu, khans of north China ... north, mead from honey for the European west, grape wine for the south, and .... Rebellions by Chinese against Mongol rule and the privileges of the rich ..... Li Si comes to visit and is reunited with his wife, causing Zhang to go off to be a hermit.

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The Southern Song fell in 1279, and once again north and south China were ... Earlier in 1259, before he became the Mongol leader, he had established a ...

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Dec 28, 2015 ... The basic dilemma of Mongol rule in China—the Mongols' inability to achieve a ... in the North China Plain, these rebel states to the south wrangled for survival ..... The fact that the Mongols could not reunite themselves was a ...

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Except those of the Northern Qi dynasty 北齊 (550-577), all rulers of the Northern ... In 317 the court of the Jin empire had to flee to the south, where the Eastern Jin ... away by the troops of the Northern Wei empire that reunited northern China. ... of the north to such an extent that cultural objects of the Northern Dynasties can ...