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Military recruitment is recruitment for military positions, that is, the act of requesting people, usually male adults, to join a military voluntarily. ... They include war, economic motivation, edu...

The Making of an American Soldier: Why Young People Join the ...


Jun 25, 2007 ... The vast majority of young people wind up in the military for different ... Economic pressure, however, is an undeniable motivation -- yet to ...

Why do people join the military? What motivates them to join ... - Quora


I can tell you why I chose the military. It certainly wasn't for the money. I don't remember benefits being a real concern either. It had more to do with the...

What motivates someone to go into the military - Netmums


I come from a long line of military people- in fact I am the first person in .... or serving personnel what motivates someone to join knowing they ...

Why do most young people join the military ? - Askville


There are some unique opportunities in the military. Most people think the military is just solders with weapons on the frontlines. This is just not the ...

What motivates people to join the army? | Yahoo Answers


Sep 16, 2013 ... I came from a military family, I grew up in the military, my Dad retired when ... There are as many reasons to join the military as there are people.

Self Motivation - The Wanna-Be and Gonna-Be | Military.com


Most people who email me are pretty motivated but need guidance on how to get to a ... Here is an email from a young man seeking to join either the military or ...

10 Extraordinary Reasons Why People Join the Military - Ezine Articles


Feb 23, 2006 ... It is hard to live with guns. This must have been the reason why many parents despise their son's or even daughter's decision to join the military ...

How China MOTIVATES its youth to join the army - Rediff.com News


Apr 24, 2012 ... China has announced a slew of policies to encourage more youths to join its People's Liberation Army, the world's largest military organisation, ...

How the military gets motivation right - FederalNewsRadio.com


Feb 16, 2012 ... Having served both on active duty and in the civil service, that got me thinking: What does the military do that keeps people motivated in difficult ...

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Q: What percentage of people who join the military retire in the mil...
A: Per Jan's comment, the 2011 figures are 17%that includes retirement full career military at 20 years (a few months earlier for some special categories) and medi... Read More »
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Q: What motivates a young person to join the military?
A: My reason for enlisting was that my country was in a huge world wide conflict called the Cold War. If that war got out of hand and went hot it would mean the al... Read More »
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Q: What makes people WANT to join the military?
A: There are various reasons why a person enters the military. One of the main ones is schooling. You can get schooling while serving in the military and you can a... Read More »
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Q: What kind of people are likely to join the military?
A: here are the reasons why i am joining the Marines after high school: -To call myself a warrior in the Marine Corps infantry -To serve America -To challenge myse... Read More »
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Q: What do you think of people who are joining the military at a tim...
A: They are truly blessed to sacrifice for others. We are fighting one war which is the war on terrorism on two fronts in Afghanistan and Iraq. We were fighting th... Read More »
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