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Jumping rope is an easy, relatively inexpensive way to target a wide range of muscle groups. While jumping rope, both the upper and lower body are engaged.

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Jump rope is an excellent fat burning exercise that burns tons of calories and amps your coordination and endurance. ... Everyone wants to be leaner, so everyone does (or at least should do) cardio. But the treadmill gets ... IT'S SKILL WORK.

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In muscle-building circles, the jump rope is almost as unpopular as the ... "Yes, the main muscles that you're working are your calves but you activate a lot more ...

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Feb 2, 2008 ... Muscles used in Jump Rope. ... haha too right, jump rope is awesome, i do 3,000 skips a day, n do it in just under 30 minutes, i do 1,500 then 5 ...
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Jul 7, 2013 ... Learn about the muscles used to jump rope with help from a fitness and active lifestyle expert in this ... What Muscles Does Jump Roping Work?

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Most jump rope workouts work your entire body, but it's also possible to target ... abs will help to stabilize your body, helping you build muscle in these areas, too.

Why The Jump Rope is the Best Conditioning Tool You're Not Using


Long favored by athletes, fighters, and bad-assses, the jump rope is a super effective tool that builds athleticism, shreds fat, and preserves muscle. ... assume the jump rope could be as sexy or badass as sprints or sled work, the fact is, ... the lower impact does not create a hyper-catabolic environment—so you can use it get .....

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... and improves cardiovascular fitness while toning muscle at the same time? ... Jumping rope is a great calorie-burner. ... He sees rope-jumping as something fit adults can use to add spice to their exercise routine. ... woman working out with medicine ball .... WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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Finally, exercising with a jump rope is a great way to improve the muscle tone in your ... is because the muscles have been working hard enough to cause microtears. ... Although it doesnt get my heart rate pumping as fast as running does but ...

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Jul 31, 2007 ... So What Muscle Groups Does Jumping Rope Target? ... two weeks of jumping rope is to eventually work up to a point where you can jump rope ...

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Apr 23, 2015 ... Many people associate jumping rope with childhood games and, as a result, tend to shun it as a ... What Muscles Does Jump Roping Work?

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Jumping Rope Exercises That Blast Calories ... based on a 140-pound woman); Your muscles—the gastrocnemius, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, abdominals, ...

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Jumping rope may seem like an activity solely for children but you might be surprised to ... First, this type of workout uses the large muscles of the legs and forces them to move constantly in order to keep your rhythm. ... What does it do? ... Below is a good 10-minute jump rope routine to work up to and use as a stand- alone ...