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The languages of France include the French language and some regional languages. ... and as late as 1871 only a quarter spoke French as their native language. .... They have sizable communities whic...

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None. He spoke corsican, Italian and French with a huge accent. His brother Louis the lame, ... He was the leader of France yet he was Corsican (and thus spoke Corsican as his native language). How many languages did he master through ...

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In addition to the two languages he spoke from a young age (French and .... He complained that he had not made any progress – but the progress he did .... Napoleon's strange way of speaking her language: “The Emperor's English, ... to 10 · > Imperial Family Tree · > 1st Empire Timeline · > 2nd Empir...

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Oct 31, 2014 ... When Napoleon was born on the island in 1769, it had been under French ... The Buonaparte family descended from Tuscan nobility, and like most ... way as he did all of his political and military goals, and even if he did speak ... Miami Michigan Minnesota native french speakers Nebraska New England ...

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The Gauls spoke a wide variety of Celtic languages (Indo-European family) that ..... Nor did they speak French, except in the Île-de-France region. ..... Following the dictatorship of Napoleon, monarchical rule was restored, but on a constitutional basis. .... A native speaker of Corsican (an Italian language), he put an end to all ...

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Jul 26, 2009 ... What languages could Napoleon Bonaparte speak - trivia question /questions answer / answers. ... In addition to the two languages he spoke from a young age (French ... How did Napoleon Bonaparte come by his first name?

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The family had two hundred fifty year old roots in Corsica and were widely respected. ... He did this because his father had a great love of gambling and ... French to speak and understand the basics of the language, but was unable ... The treaty divided northern Italy between the French, the native Italians, and the Austrians.

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Nov 16, 2014 ... Your family tree has nothing to do with whether or not what you say can ..... Yet, I did answer the question : There wasn't really one standard .... Yeah, I think I had a similar confusion when I was little but in my native language. ... [/r/badlinguistics ] TIL: Napoleon couldn't actually speak French because ac...

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Aug 13, 2015 ... The French revolution liberated the Jews but did not assimilate them. ... There have been many myths and interpretations on the family origins of Napoleon. At Bonifacio at the extreme south of [his native] island of Corsica, there was a strongly .... The political language of the time was much more brutal.

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Feb 1, 2016 ... His native language was Corsican, and he would speak French with a ... As a result, his family fled to France in 1793 in the midst of the French Revolution. ... This, unfortunately, did not last very long, and his subsequent ...

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Apr 22, 2015 ... On Corsica, Napoleon's family was fairly high on the social scale. ... to speak with a heavy accent and still have the fluency of a native speaker.

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Napoleon's mother, Letizia Bonaparte, was pragmatic, stoical and domineering. ... She came from a reputable Lombard family that had been in Corsica for generations. ... Wherever did you get the idea that a son, no matter what a situation may be, .... In 1851 her body was taken to Corsica and buried in her native Ajaccio.