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Henry Ford (July 30, 1863 – April 7, 1947) was an American industrialist, the founder of the .... Ford was defeated in a close election by the Republican candidate, Truman Newberry, a former U...

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Apr 27, 2011 ... By the 1920s, Henry Ford was one of the great heroes of American ... The only formal political campaign that Ford undertook was at ... Being an anti-Semite did not necessarily disqualify one from high office during this period ...

U.S. Senate: 102 Ford v. Newberry


Wanting to ensure that Ford, with his wider name recognition, did not win both ... In the general election campaign, Henry Ford's prestige failed to offset the impact ... Choosing to brush aside these warnings, Newberry took the oath of office on ...

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US Senate 1918 ... What year did Henry Ford the second die? ... If that candidate does not get elected to the office they seek, he or she does not get to serve.

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DETROIT, April 7--Henry Ford, noted automotive pioneer, died at 11:40 tonight at the age of 83. ... at the Ford engineering laboratory, where he maintained a private office and ... He did this in order to learn all he could of the making of machinery. .... of the 1918 election showed Mr. Ford's personal popularity with the voters.

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After a year in the office he inherited from Harding, Coolidge was ready to ... Historically, vice presidents who had finished out their predecessors' terms did not seek the ... including automaker Henry Ford, for the 1924 Republican nomination.

Power, Ignorance, and Anti-Semitism: Henry Ford and His War on ...


Nor did Ford reveal any specific plans of the operation. ... of --12 E Ford gave his first, and only, press conference of the "campaign" four days later. ..... the Klan knew of "no better fitted man in America for the office of president than Henry Ford.

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A detailed biography of Henry Ford that includes images, quotations and the main ... has pointed out: Not only did Hitler specifically praise Henry Ford in Mein Kampf, but .... in Munich noticed a large photograph of Henry Ford hanging in his office. ... However, Henry Ford's campaign against the Jews, hurt the company in the ...

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Henry Ford actually did not believe in outright charity and often expressed that view. ... in 1973 came several requirements, one of which was that a Development Office be ... efforts with the Employee Community Giving Campaign Committee.

NTEB: Henry Ford, Adolph Hitler's Inspiration For Treatment Of Jews


With America heading into World War I, Ford's media campaign took off, and continued well into the 1930s, as he published The Protocols of the ... "I regard Henry Ford as my inspiration" - Adolph Hitler, 1931 ... "You don't think of Hitler having a portrait of Henry Ford on his office wall in Munich. .... And inde...

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Aug 27, 2015 ... The best historical parallel to Donald Trump: Henry Ford's putative run for ... Like Trump, Ford's business success made him a household name.

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Find out more about the history of Henry Ford, including videos, interesting articles ... with the United Automobile Workers (UAW) even after his competitors did so. ... narrowly losing in a campaign marked by personal attacks from his opponent.

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During that winter Henry Ford invented his first tractor, although it did not bear ...... equivalent to election he refused, partly because he did not want the office and ...