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The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to cell biology: ... Life - A condition of growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of ... Cellular compartment - ...

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The centrioles (only found in animal cells). Scientists do not know exactly why they are only found in animal cells, but cell division does not proceed normally if  ...

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Cell wall: It helps in protecting the plasma membrane and plays a vital role in .... in controlling all types of cellular activities including cellular reproduction. .... cell contains some digestive enzymes that help in the digesting out the cell debris.

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In this section, we will review the major differences between these two processes and ... In single-cell organisms, mitosis is the only form of cellular reproduction. ... My friend & I asked out the same girl—and now everyone thinks I'm a jerk ...

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In bacteria, most of the DNA is found in a central region of the cell called the ... In this state, the DNA can be accessed relatively easily by cellular machinery (such as .... For a more satisfying answer, check out the articles and videos on the cell ... There, you can see how the behavior of chromosomes helps cells pass on a .....

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There are two primary methods used, one for somatic cells, which compose ... Some authorities consider the non-dividing portion of the cell's lifecycle, ... All multicellular eukaryotic o. ... What part of the bacterial cell helps it stick to surfaces? Q: ...

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Feb 14, 2000 ... For multicellular organisms (like us) cell division allows an organism to grow and ... A cell spends a good part of its "life" working and growing, breaking down .... Malignant: some tumor cells send out signals that tell the body to ...

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To reproduce, a simple organism such as bacteria or yeast simply copies its ... for the DNA and other cell machinery that carries out the business of living. ... Unlike prokaryotes, eukaryotes have all sorts of cell parts, called organelles, ... Somatic cells of multicellular organisms like you are differentiated into special cell types...

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All of these genetic instructions are spelled out in a molecular code written on the ... This unzipped section of the DNA molecule is known as a replication fork.

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Cellular Reproduction. According to ... carries out normal .... cell fusion experiments carried out by Potu Rao and Robert ... varies from one stage of the cell cycle to another. ..... Cdk activity, degradation is an irreversible event that helps drive.

Trees in a forest, fish in a river, horseflies on a farm, lemurs in the jungle, reeds in a pond, worms in the soil — all these plants and animals are made of the building blocks we call cells. Like these examples, many living things consist of vast numbers of cells working in concert with one another... More »
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Apr 22, 2011 ... Chapter 4: Cellular Reproduction: Multiplication by Division ... Cancer: Careening Out of Control; Meiosis: Sex, Heredity, and Survival ... Mitosis takes place in cells in all parts of your body, keeping your tissues and organs ..... Her work also indicated that a backup genetic system that helps to ensure proper ....

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Aug 8, 2016 ... Cell, in biology, the basic membrane-bound unit that contains the ... This article discusses the cell both as an individual unit and as a contributing part of a larger ... which carry out the functions necessary to sustain the life of an organism. ... The overall process of cellular reproduction occurs in two steps: cell...

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Living things carry out almost all the life processes or activities. ... Cells have particular structures or organelles that perform specific jobs. ... Many enzymes are needed for the chemical reactions involved in cellular life processes to occur. ... These life activities or processes include digestion, respiration, reproduction, ...