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Achumawi, Adai, Afro-Seminole Creole, Alabama, Aleut, Arapaho, Assiniboine, Atakapa, .... all second-generation Hispanic Americans speak English fluently, while only about half still speak Spanish. ...... Thus, the state of Hawaii became no less different from the Philippines in terms of percentage of Ilocano speakers.


Percentage of English speakers by country. 80–100%. 60–80%. 40–60%. 20–40 %. 0.1–20%. Not available. The following is a list of English-speaking population by country, including information on both ..... read and write in English. The number of native speakers is the sum of Americans and Englishmen "by nationality".


ment uses data on language use and English-speaking ..... 1 The percentage in this column is calculated as the number of speakers of the specific language ...


Oct 6, 2015 ... A whopping 21 percent of U.S. residents now speak a language other than English at home, according to a report being released Tuesday by ...


Aug 6, 2013 ... Where 60 Million People in the U.S. Don't Speak English at Home ... on a useful map of where America's many languages are spoken (bring your ... number, the percentage of people in the U.S. who speak English proficiently ...


Aug 29, 2012 ... The most recent Census count (which dates to 2008) found the 227 million Americans above the age of five speaking only English at home.


Jul 31, 2013 ... Three-quarters of Americans speak only their mother tongue, with no ... a second language because most people they know speak English.


That depends.. If we count Puerto Ricans, all most 85% of the population that is Son/Daughter, Grandson/Granddaughter of a hispanic person ...


English reigns in the United States, but Spanish and other languages are also ... America's borders, and we look at some of the most prominent influences on this trend. ... and the number is ever growing as Spanish-speaking influences are unlikely .... African Countries With Christianity As The Religion Of The Majority · How ...