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While Earth's surface is mostly water, Earth is nearly all rock. Just 0.5% of the planet by weight is water. More than 70% of the surface area of the planet today is covered by water; The other 30% is land.


The water distribution on earth shows that most water in the Earth's atmosphere and crust comes from the world ocean's saline seawater, while freshwater ...


Dec 2, 2016 ... All Earth's water, liquid fresh water, and water in lakes and rivers. Spheres .... Note: Percentages may not sum to 100 percent due to rounding.


Dec 2, 2014 ... To break the numbers down, 96.5% of all the Earth's water is contained within the oceans as salt water, while the remaining 3.5% is freshwater ...


Oct 31, 2016 ... The Earth is often compared to a majestic blue marble, especially by those privileged few who have gazed upon it from orbit. This is due to the ...


Sep 9, 2010 ... All of the Earth's ocean water (middle) and freshwater (right). ... Some 72 percent of Earth is covered in water, but 97 percent of that is salty ...


Ninety-seven percent of the water on the earth is salt water. Salt water is filled with salt and other minerals, and humans cannot drink this water. Although the salt ...


Nov 12, 2012 ... Most people have heard Earth referred to as "the water planet." With that name comes the rightful image of a world with plentiful water.


Jun 23, 2011 ... We often think of Earth as mostly water. But upon close examination, our planet might not be as wet as we think it is.


It's hard to imagine, but about 97 percent of the Earth's water can be found in our oceans. Of the tiny percentage that's not in the ocean, about two percent is ...