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The Perfumes and Fragrances That Turn Men On--and Off | Glamour


We asked a group of guys to sniff out the women's fragrances they love and loathe. Then we asked Alan Hirsch, M.D., of the Smell and Taste Treatment and...

11 Most Attractive Scents to Men That Will Bring Them to ... - Perfumes


This time of year, women are either getting new perfumes for presents, or perhaps preparing for Valentine's Day and in the spirit of things, I thought I would share ...

Here's Exactly Which Perfume To Wear, Based On The Type Of Man ...


Jan 24, 2014 ... ... Perfume To Wear, Based On The Type Of Man You Want To Attract ... As a certified Perfume Junkie, I've done more than my fair share of field ...

Are Men Really Attracted To Vanilla Perfume? Let's Find Out!


Aug 22, 2015 ... The Internet says men are attracted to the scent of vanilla. I decided to find out if that's true.

Top 10 Best Sexiest Perfumes for woman- woman's Fragrances and ...


Dec 13, 2010 ... ... Perfumes for woman- woman's Fragrances and Perfumes That Attract Men ... The price differences of women's perfumes are according to the ...

Which perfumes make men melt when you walk past? - Basenotes


I'm sorry, it must be annoying to have guys interject themselves in ..... us is attracted to the other more based on what perfumes we are wearing.

Top Women's Perfumes That Attract Men - Makeup - LoveToKnow


Sep 19, 2011 ... Includes: • The power of pheromones and fragrancePerfumes that will help attract men • Sexy scents • Putting it to the test.

The Smell Report - Sexual Attraction.


Androstenol is the scent produced by fresh male sweat, and is attractive to ... Women who believe that the use of 'sexy' perfumes will attract men, however, may ...

I wore 'pheromone perfume' to become a sex goddess | Fusion


May 26, 2015 ... I wore 'pheromone perfume' for a week to turn myself into a sex goddess ... In 1995, she began selling a pheromone formula to help men attract ...

Top 10 Seductive Perfumes for Women - HubPages


Feb 1, 2016 ... They love to see men attracted to them and like the feeling of power over men. These perfumes are for women who want to feel sexy, seductive ...

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Perfume - Scents That Seduce Men - Cosmopolitan


Oct 9, 2007 ... Think he doesn't give a damn about your perfume? ... out, your perfume can also make a man's pulse race. ... "I'm so attracted to my girlfriend

7 Yummy Fragrances That Make Men Drool | YourTango


Jan 27, 2015 ... It was the scent of some common yummy foods that got the guys aroused. ... (say that 5 times fast) sniffed out the smells that attract men most.

Amazon.com : PherX Pheromone Perfume for Women (Attract Men ...


Pheromones are naturally occurring chemicals that send out subconscious scent signals to the opposite sex that trigger very powerful sexual responses.