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The Reverend is therefore equivalent to The Honourable or The Venerable. It is paired with a modifier or noun for some offices in some religious traditions: e.g., ...

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Jul 1, 2009 ... A person can be a Minister, a Pastor, A Preacher or a Reverend and ... Priest - a noun used to refer to a religious authority in certain religions

Catholics - what are the differences between "priest", "reverend ...


Askville Question: Catholics - what are the differences between "priest", " reverend", and "deacon"? : Religion & Spirituality.

Pastor Or Reverend??? - Seek God


Jul 9, 2009 ... What is the difference between a pastor and a reverend? .... The religious in catholic countries, are styled reverend fathers; abbesses, ...

Reverend - definition of reverend by The Free Dictionary


(used as a title of respect applied or prefixed to the name of a member of the clergy or a religious order): the Reverend Timothy Cranshaw; Reverend Mother.

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Is the use of a clerical title, e.g., "Reverend," "Father," "Rabbi," or "Doctor"-within the framework of religious service-consistent with the will of God? This week's ...

Should I call you "Reverend"? | The Christian Century


Nov 2, 2010 ... I'm not much of a fan of the "reverend" title, in part because of its problematic ... Second, in principle, the use of “Reverend,” as a religious title, ...

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We style a clergyman reverend; a bishop is styled right reverend; an archbishop most reverend. The religious in catholic countries, are styled reverend fathers; ...

Should a Minister of God Be Addressed as 'Reverend' (Matthew 23:8 ...


The use of religious titles, such as "Reverend," began when the great apostasy set in at the close of the first century. Ministers put themselves "in the place of" ...

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Define reverend: worthy of reverence : revered—usage, synonyms, more. ... See reverend defined for kids. ADVERTISEMENT ... Other Christian Religious Terms.

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Q: What religion has a reverend?
A: Christianity uses the term reverend in its practices. Reverend also could depend on the Read More »
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Q: In what religion is the term Reverend used.
A: Some Christian denominations use the term, usually Protestant ones such as Lutheran. Read More »
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Q: Whats the religion of "the reverend sullivan" of a7x?
A: I have no idea but as an Irish Catholic I'd say "With a name like that you should be an Irish Catholic with us!" Read More »
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Q: What religion is Reverend Kane from the movie Poltergeist 2?
A: Kane may be loosely based on Mennonites but considering how evil he was I'd probably say he was a zealot who followed his own code... Read More »
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Q: What is the difference between reverend and pastor in protestant ...
A: "Pastor" is a function or occupation like mayor. "Reverend" is an honorific title like "Honorable." Suppose that Mr. Smith is a pastor and Mr. Jones is the mayo... Read More »
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