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A rhyming dictionary is designed for use in writing poetry and lyrics. In a rhyming dictionary, words are categorized into equivalence classes that consist of words which rhyme with one another.
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RhymeZone: tooth


Words and phrases that rhyme with tooth: (54 results) ... fountain of youth, george herman ruth, telephone booth ... I said that she had danced heart's truth,

RhymeZone: booth


Words and phrases that rhyme with booth: (58 results). 1 syllable: blooth, bluth, buth, fruth, ... I'm sellin' the sweetest candy here, That ever shook loose a tooth.

RhymeZone: sleuth


Words and phrases that rhyme with sleuth: (64 results). 1 syllable: ... booth 5 syllables: deciduous tooth, italian vermouth ... We disinter a sordid truth. Heinously ...

Tooth Rhymes


Two-syllable rhymes: bucktooth, dogtooth, duluth, eyetooth, forsooth. half-truth, sawtooth, tollbooth, uncouth, untruth. vermouth ...

What rhymes with "babe ruth": booth, sleuth, tooth, truth, youth ...


booth, sleuth, tooth, truth, youth, uncouth, untruth, vermouth, Duluth, Knuth, Luth, Muth, Ruth, tollbooth, Wildermuth, Helmuth, Maryruth, boob, cube, lube, rube, ...

Words that rhyme with truth - Word Hippo


What rhymes with truth? Here's a list of ... deciduous tooth · fountain of youth · george herman ruth · impacted tooth · primary tooth · telephone booth. Rhyming ...

Near rhymes


Words and phrases that nearly rhyme with smooth: (25 results). 4 letters: luth, ruth 5 letters: ... gospel truth, voting booth, wisdom tooth 13 letters: polling booth ...

Tollbooth | Definition of tollbooth by Merriam-Webster


Middle English tolbothe, tollbothe tollbooth, town hall, jail, from tol, toll toll + bothe booth. First Known Use: 14th century. Rhymes with TOLLBOOTH. bucktooth ...

Rhyme with truth | English Rhymes Dictionary - Rhyming Dictionary


Words and phrases that rhyme with truth. What are ... truth? Search on our rhyming words dictionary online on the web. ... telephone booth, permanent tooth ,.

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Q: What lifts the veil off faces, to liberate once captivated truth,...
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RhymeZone: truth


Words and phrases that rhyme with truth: (62 results). 1 syllable: ... deciduous tooth, italian vermouth ... WHEN my love swears that she is made of truth,