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A Scottish clan (from Gaelic clann, "children") is a kinship group among the Scottish people. ... Many clans have their own clan chief; those that do not are known as armigerous clans. Clans generally identify ... However, the need for proved descent from a common ancestor related to the chiefly house is too restrictive. Clans ...


Can't find a Scottish Connection – What to do next. Try your Mother's maiden name, if not try looking further back at the surnames in your family's history.


We are constantly working on improving out Scottish Clans List. Please use our Clan search at the top of the page if you can't see your name. Your name may ...


Search for clan and tartan by entering a Scottish or Irish surname. Clan sept ... (4 with mac). Short surnames, like 'Ab', can only be found in the 'Exact' search.


Oct 3, 2014 ... Clan Murray? Clan Douglas? Clan Macduff?


... are distinguished and loyal. Find out what clan you should belong to! ... study whatsoever. It is intended for fun only so do not treat the result too seriously :) ...


Feb 29, 2016 ... Tracing your clan has become a popular task – especially if you're getting ... written about Scottish Ancestry Research on our own website too.


Tartans exist for most families or clans, but to find your own family tartan may be ... Find your Tartan or Plaid Choose the right tartan for your needs How do I find ...


In Scotland, a clan is more than just an extended family, and doesn't always imply ... clan's territory, but it doesn't necessarily mean you can trace your family tree ... of these lists, check the handy tool at ScotsClan.com for a more exhaustive list.


Collins Crystal, Clan Celtic and Scot Crest. Traditional ... Use our Clan Finder tool to find out about your family roots ... Find out which clan you belong to here.