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We are constantly working on improving out Scottish Clans List. Please use our Clan search at the top of the page if you can't see your name. Your name may ...

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Search for clan and tartan by entering a Scottish or Irish surname. Clan sept ... (4 with mac). Short surnames, like 'Ab', can only be found in the 'Exact' search.

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Nevertheless, the notion of "belonging" is strong and to this day there are clan societies who keep ... Whereabouts in Scotland Does My Clan Come From? ... of course the equivalent "son of" in Irish Gaelic has come through too in Irish names .

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The variety of surnames within a Scottish clan do not represent separate and definable sub-clans but instead reflect the vagaries of transition of the Gaels into  ...

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Oct 3, 2014 ... Clan Macduff?.. ... Can You Tell Which Of These Pictures Were Taken In Scotland ? ... 19 Things That Are Way Too Real If You Grew Up Ugly ...

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Also, Scottish clans have a tradition of 'Septs' which are other families by descent or alliance to whom a clan gave protection. If your family name appears as a ...

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Nov 28, 2012 ... So, the history of clans is complex and interwoven and finding out which clan you belong to can depend on which era of history you're looking ...

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The Clans of Scotland have a fascinating and complex history and Scots today are ... the world are still committed to their clan heritage and fiercely proud of it too. ... with rival clans were often passed down through the generations - the ill- will ... more about the clans of Scotland, and to find out whether or not you belong to ...

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Start researching your Scottish family roots today - find out all you need to know about Scottish ancestral records, starting your search, clans and more. ... at Bannockburn Live © Kenny Lam. Home · Things To See & Do; Ancestry. Ancestry  ...

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If you do not belong to any particular clan you may wear a district tartan if you are ... of Arms for a Scottish coat of Arms. If you are not resident in Scotland and do ...

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Can't find a Scottish Connection – What to do next. Try your Mother's maiden name, if not try looking further back at the surnames in your family's history.

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Select the first letter of your Clan or Family name, then scroll through the list to find your name. Click on your name and you will be shown the Clan connection ...

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Should you not find your name in here then it is either a sept of one of the official clans or else it is not recognised as being an official clan. Do see the links at the ...