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Untitled[edit]. This page is horribly written. I can barely read it. -- Anonymous, more or less. Left ear/Right ear[edit]. Unfortunately, the thing about L=straight, R= gay keeps being added in by an ... Unfortunately, I'm tied up on other articles. ... For my case, I think I would have healed quicker if I had removed the starter earrings ...


It is my understanding that straight guys wear it on the left. ... If you are talking present times, it doesn't matter. A lot of straight ... Guys wear earrings on one side or the other, or even in both ears and it doesn't matter if they are straight or gay. ... And I'm adding my two cents that I think a single earring is hawt!


Back in about 1982 or so, there were some people who sometimes pierced only their right ear ... If it were in my right ear, that would mean I was gay. ... I think at one point, I stopped wearing the stud, just to not have to deal with explaining that ... means that I'm gay in years (most people who meet me still assume I'm straight ).


Which ear do I pierce if I'm straight? ... the mid- to late 1990s, as a wider choice of styles beyond studs became available, wearing a single earring on one side or ...


If they have one in their left ear too, they are not gay, but more expressing their feminine side. Jimmy: Hey dude, you think that Carl follows the Right Earring Rule ...


Does the right ear means queer piercing thing still apply? ... About three weeks ago, I got my right cartilage pierced. ... piercing eventually and I thought it would look stupid if I put rainbow earrings in the "straight" side. ..... so unless a guy is wearing rainbow earrings, I'm not going to jump to any conclusions.


Oct 2, 2015 ... In the 1500's, it was fashionable for upper class men to wear earrings made of gold and precious stones. Sailors wore gold earrings to help pay ...


If a guy (mid-20s to mid-30s) wears pierced earrings in both ears, does this mean he is ... Like I'm a straight guy who wears my hair longer than most women. ... I don't think you can judge someone as gay by what they wear.


I heard that one ear means he's straight and one that he is gay. ... Most men don't wear in both ears, do they? ... I am right handed. But I wear my watch on my right wrist, which I hear is not the norm. ... It's funny because it would make sense if you favor the right side to want to look in that direction to see the ...


Trouble was, they pierced the right side instead of the left ... ... But then, if you're gay, left = passive and right = active, so ... that would kind of make it ... You could wear several rings in your right ear and nobody would think it homo anymore. .... I 'm a 33 year old straight man and got my left ear pierced when I was about 20.