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Oct 24, 2008 ... It is my understanding that straight guys wear it on the left. .... Guys wear earrings on one side or the other, or even in both ears and it .... people pierce everything these days, as if their heads were pincushions or something.

Does a man wear an earring in his left ear or his right ear ...


A man wears an earring in whichever ear he pleases. ... supposedly an encoded message about sexuality contained a man's choice of the left or right side, but...

A single earring on which side means gay for man? | Yahoo Answers


Dec 11, 2007 ... Gradually, it evolved to a man with his right ear pierced perceived as being gay and a man ... I have an earring on my left side and since the confusion (and the fact I'm not ... You should pierce the ear (and or ears) that will allow the piercing .... Does wearing a single right earring indicates that a man is gay?

Which side of the ear being pierced means being gay? Is there even ...


Back in about 1982 or so, there were some people who sometimes pierced only their right ear ... In the 1980s, in the US, when earrings for men became more mainstream, there .... I think at one point, I stopped wearing the stud, just to not have to deal with explaining that I wasn't gay to all my classmates. ... What should I do?

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What side of ear do you wear a flower if you are married? Left ... What side should men wear earrings? ... In which ear does a straight man wear an earring?

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Nov 30, 2015 ... Should men wear ear accessories? On which side do straight guys wear earrings ? Does the ..... My only boy bling is my bull's-head belt buckle!

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Dec 23, 2013 ... Fashionable and sexy are used to describe men with earrings. ... Studs and hoop style earrings are traditional styles of earrings that men have worn, and they ... If you get hit in the side of a head while playing a game of pick up basketball, ... When choosing mens earrings to buy, a man should consider his ...

Earring In The Right Ear = Homosexual, Right? - Datalounge


Believe it or not, I was watching an episode of "Beavis and Butt-head" of all things . ... Trouble was, they pierced the right side instead of the left ... ... You could wear several rings in your right ear and nobody would think it homo anymore. ... 0D % 0D And, when I was in my late teens an earring in either ear for a guy was...

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Feb 29, 2012 ... But I don't think your husband needs two more holes in his head. ... pretty much the same reasons why he should not wear an earring in 2012: which is to say, ... Also, what does it mean when the earring is worn in the left ear?

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Jun 18, 2014 ... We generally advise men who want to wear earring that they should keep it very simple. Of course, this does not mean that sparkle or not OK, ...

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In which ear do heterosexual men prefer to wear a single earring ...


In the early 21st century, a man's choice of wearing an earring on either ear is ... styles beyond studs became available, wearing a single earring on one side or ...

The Ongoing Divisiveness Surrounding Men Who Wear Earrings - Mic


Mar 11, 2016 ... The Ongoing Divisiveness Surrounding Men Who Wear Earrings ... I met a merchant marine who had a bald head and a gold hoop in his left ear. ... Landers what significance the left or right side had to men with pierced ears.

When a man wears an ear ring in his right ear, does it have any ...


Not any more. Back in the 80's if a guy wore an earring only in his right ear that was a sign that ... Should I wear a stud or a ring on my ear? ... Other people would say that if it was on the right side then that would mean i am gay. .... You'll never become a master plumber if you don't have a good head upon your shoulde...