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My Account Rewards program ..... Step 3: Pick an amp that can do both — X watts at Y ohms ... Step 3: What impedance does each sub need to be and how many voice ... Differences in size have more to do with tonal qualities and frequency ...

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My Account Rewards program ..... Once you get past the basic question of the size and number of subs you want in your system, you need to decide on the type of ... If you already have either an amplifier or the subwoofers and need help ... Sure, two subs will take up more room, but what do you want — trunk space or bass?

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Sep 5, 2012 ... Tired of your friends constantly asking you to pair a sub and amp for them? Watch this ... Will I need to change my car battery if install a kicker 300watt subwoofer ? .... What size do you recommend for a 15 inch subwoofers.

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Need an easy way to match your subwoofer to the right amp? ... If you have questions or concerns regarding this tool or would like to verify the compatibility of ...

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How much power can my speakers handle? ... To handle heavy metal/grunge, the amplifier's 4-ohm power should be 2.5 x 100 W or 250 W continuous per channel. ... Folk music in a medium-size auditorium, club or house of worship with 150 to 250 .... so the horns need less power to produce the same SPL as the subs.

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Car subwoofers require a lot of power, and choosing the correct power amp can be ... If you try to wire your sub to the car stereo, as you do with the car speakers, ... You need to match the RMS watts of the subwoofer with the RMS watts of the ...

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Dec 26, 2011 ... I have 2 10 inch subs with 600watt max output each so 1200 watt total ... 2 channel amp and a 1600 watt 2 channel amp which one should i use?

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We get asked all the time how much amplifier power do I need to drive ... HDMI Cables · Terminated Speaker Cables · Bulk Speaker Cable · Subwoofer Cables .... The reason for this is because your speakers and your amplifier need to be able ... Multi-Channel Power Amplifier · What Size Speakers Do I Need for My...

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My eBayExpand My eBay ... Installing an external amp should not be undertaken lightly as improper or ... Adding a sub usually requires an external amp, as subwoofers need much more power than the typical factory head unit amp can supply. ... may also be listed, but is less useful when determining required amp size.

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Sep 21, 2015 ... The wattage rating gives you an indication of the maximum amount of power you can ... How many watts does my amplifier need to be?

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I want my aftermarket speakers to really sing ... Pairs should be the same, but if your front and rear pairs are slightly different, it's okay — use the lower ... I plan to get new speakers along with my new amp ... There's also the interior size of your vehicle to consider. ... You'll need to impedance match your sub amp an...

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Learn about car subwoofer impedance matching and how to correctly wire multiple subs. ... You may occasionally need to compromise. ... two 4 ohm voice coil subs would result in 8 ohms for the system total as presented to the amplifier.

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Aug 12, 2013 ... Need some help picking a car amplifier? ... I guess the correct way of asking would be since my sub is a dual 2ohm 1000rms, and it's wired in ...