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A Christmas Carol (1999 film)


A Christmas Carol is a 1999 television film adaptation of Charles Dickens' famous novel A ... The spirit takes Scrooge to see other scenes of Christmas, including men at a lonely lighthouse, the...

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Which of the spirits does not speak to Scrooge? ... What is the Ghost of Christmas Present's throne made of? ... Which spirit takes Scrooge to a ship at sea?

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The ghost of Christmas present takes Scrooge to a bunch of Christmas parties, including a party aboard a ship. [1].

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Which spirit takes Scrooge to a ship at sea? The Ghost ... The Crachit house, the city, Fred's house, a ship, lighthouse, suburban streets, miners, and a hospital.

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The Spirit takes Scrooge to the home of his clerk, Bob Cratchit. ... where the light's keepers sing and wish each other "Merry Christmas"; to a ship on the ocean, ...

In Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, what is the purpose of ...


Jan 14, 2016 ... ... what is the purpose of visiting the desolate Moore and the ship at sea? ... three spirits that visit Ebenezer Scrooge this night, takes the miserly, ...

In A Christmas Carol ,where does the Ghost of Christmas Present ...


Dec 16, 2014 ... In Stave Three of A Christmas Carol, "The Second of the Three Spirits," the Spirit of Christmas Present takes Scrooge to several places: ...

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Scrooge is referring to the spirits/people who've lived in the past? ... 2. could I give you some notes to take? .... Which spirit takes Scrooge to a ship at sea?

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The Ghost of Christmas Present takes Scrooge away from the Cratchit's home ... a bleak moor; the keepers of a solitary lighthouse out at sea; the crew of a ship.

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This part of the play takes Scrooge on a magical trip though several places where ... living room, then head to a lighthouse, and finally out to a ship at sea. ... takes Scrooge from locking up his counting house on his walk home, the ghost of his ...

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A Christmas Carol: Stave Three: The Second of the Three Spirits


The spirit then takes Scrooge to the meager home of Bob Cratchit, where Mrs. ... the festivities of an isolated community of miners and a party aboard a ship.

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The ghost takes Scrooge magically to places outside London: he sees a .... a lighthouse and a ship at sea, while Scrooge's boarding school (Stave 2) is in a ...

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The Ghost of Christmas Present is surprised that Scrooge has not met a spirit like him before, .... Next the ghost takes Scrooge even further afield, over the sea, wild and ... Then, even further into the wild, they find the crew of a ship, humming ...