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The international border states are those states in the United States which border either ... has customs because Lake Michigan is accessible from other lakes that border Canada); Illinois (has no g...

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According to our research engine: The following states directly border Illinois: Indiana. Iowa. Kentucky. Missouri. Wisconsin. Was this helpful? Yes290 No73.

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Illinois has a land border with five states that are Missouri,Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin - as well as a water borderwith Michigan (across Lake ...

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The northeastern border of Illinois is Lake Michigan. Its eastern border with Indiana is all of the land west of the Wabash River, and a north-south line above Post ...

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There are eight total U.S. states that border the Great Lakes, which are Wisconsin , Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana.

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The state of Indiana is bordered by Illinois in the west, Ohio in the east and also shares a northern border with Michigan and a border in the south with Kentucky.

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The states that border New York state are Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Vermont, ... 20 states in the Union, including Illinois, California, Indiana, Connecticut, Iowa, ...

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The states that border Lake Michigan are Michigan on the north and east sides, Wisconsin on the west, Illinois on the southwest and Indiana on the southeast.

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The following 13 U.S. states share a border with Canada: Alaska, Idaho, Maine, ... The northern states of America are Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas  ...

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In the United States, Tennessee and Missouri border the most number of states, each ... The historic Route 66 ran through the states of Illinois, Missouri, Kansas,  ...

Illinois is located in the eastern north-central United States and is bordered by Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, and Wisconsin.
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Reference Map of Illinois, showing the U.S. state of Illinois with the state capital ... eastern central US, the region is also known as the Midwestern United States. ... is Charles Mound with 376 m (1,235 ft) in north west at the border to Wisconsin.

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Jan 17, 2012 ... But something odd happens to the shape of states around the Great Lake. I'll use Illinois and Indiana as an example. Now 5 states were formed ...

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Eight United States states border the Great Lakes, which are Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York, along with.