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Osmosis is the spontaneous net movement of solvent molecules through a semi- permeable ... Osmosis provides the primary means by which water is transported into and out of cells. ... membrane and the...

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osmosis ... What term for diffusion of water across a semipermeable membrane? ... What is the medical term meaning diffuse infection of connective tissue?

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Meaning of diffusion medical term. What does diffusion mean? ... In the body fluids the molecules of water, gases, and the ions of substances in solution are in  ...

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Ever notice how a trendy word or band will suddenly be everywhere, even though nobody heard of it last week? That's diffusion. This word means something ...

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Jun 17, 2008 ... Unlike active transport, diffusion does not involve chemical energy. ... An example of diffusion in biological system is diffusion of oxygen and carbon ... if you have more information about this term feel free to edit this page.

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If a selectively permeable membrane separates the two solutions, water moves through it in both directions at the same time. However, more water leaves a ...

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Jan 30, 2010 ... Large quantities of water molecules constantly move across cell membranes by simple diffusion, often facilitated by movement through membrane proteins, including ... This means that water flows in response to differences in molarity across a ... The term osmolarity is used to describe the number of solute ...



hypertonic: concerning osmosis, a term used to compare one solution with another ... turgid: means firm, the opposite of flaccid, cells with wall become firm as a result .... In this case diffusion of BOTH the water and the solute (sugar in this case) ...

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Eventually when all the salt has dissolved in the water and diffusion has .... (It is equivalent to the less appropriate term, semipermeable which means half ...

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Osmosis is the process of diffusion of water across a semipermeable membrane. Water molecules are free to pass across the cell membrane in both directions, ...

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Feb 17, 2016 ... Osmosis refers to the diffusion of the solvent across a selectively permeable membrane. Because water is the solvent in all living systems, ...

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Definition of diffusion: Natural process in which the atoms, molecules, or ions of different ... water pollution ... It can mean many things depending on who you talk to. ... Educate yourself one term at a time, with our term of the day newsletter.

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Osmosis - the diffusion of water (across a membrane) ... The word "HYPO" means less, in this case there are less solute (salt) molecules outside the cell, since ...