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Elijah J. McCoy (May 2, 1844 – October 10, 1929) was a Canadian-American inventor and ... In a home-based machine shop in Ypsilanti, Michigan McCoy also did more highly skilled work, such as ....

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Feb 5, 2015 ... Learn more about inventor Elijah McCoy, who overcame racial barriers to ... for inventing lubrication devices used to make train travel more efficient. ... his name did not appear on the majority of the products that he devised.

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(Charles Drew discovered the modern processes for preserving blood for transfusions); What three things did Elijah McCoy invent? (lubricator for steam engines, ...

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Elijah McCoy may be unknown to most people however his inventions have ... That means you want the "real thing," what you know to be of the highest ... His best known invention was a cup that fed lubricating oil to machine ... Elijah McCoy developed a lubricator for steam engines that did not require the train to stop.

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Get information, facts, and pictures about Elijah McCoy at Encyclopedia.com. ... “ McCoy's invention was a small thing,” wrote Aaron E. Klein in The Hidden Contributors: Black Scientists .... Most did not work as well as the original inventions.

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Born in Colchester, Canada, Elijah McCoy was one of 12 children of a family of runaway ... McCoy found the work did not challenge him and sought other more ...

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His parents, George McCoy and the former Mildred Goins, were fugitive slaves ... However, the direct use of oil-filled chambers did not apply to a locomotive's steam ... McCoy devised an invention that became known as the lubricating cup.

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The son of former slaves from Kentucky who had escaped via the Underground Railroad to Canada, at 15 years of age Elijah McCoy traveled to Scotland ...

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That means you want the "real thing," what you know to be of the highest quality, ... His best known invention was a cup that fed lubricating oil to machine ... When Elijah was three, his family moved back to the U.S., settling in Detroit, Michigan. ... Elijah McCoy developed a lubricator for steam engines that did not require...

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His inventions were the basis for the phrase "The Real McCoy" meaning real, authentic or high-quality. ... Joyner completed her invention and patented it in 1928, calling it the ..... inspired by nature, athleticism, and folk dance, among other things. ... “Did you know that in late 18th century Louisiana, black and multiraci...

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Elijah McCoy is credited for inventing a self-regulating lubricator for steam engines in 1872 with U.S. Patent number 129843. ... What did Robert Hooke invent? What are some things that were invented in Idaho? ... A Biography of the Historical Figure Elijah McCoy · Three Things Elijah McCoy Invent · Elijah McCoy's Lif...

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Elijah McCoy (1843 or 1844-1929) was a mechanical engineer and inventor. ... ' the real McCoy,' meaning the real, authentic, or high-quality thing. ... McCoy's first invention (1872) was a revolutionary way of lubricating steam engines without ...

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Mar 23, 2012 ... Elijah McCoy was an inventor who developed the automatic lubricating cup ... McCoy remained interested in continuing to perfect his invention and to create more. ... Inventor - Where Did the Expression "The Real McCoy" Come From? ... was not a good thing for the integration of Black Americans into the ...