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News - Daily Due Up Times - Neomail - Past Times of Waking Turmaculus Theory - Waking Turmy Up - Items and Rewards Neopian Times Question ... You are the reason I do it, and you are the reason I CAN do it! I hope this year will be a ...

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Sep 17, 2016 ... You have to wake Turmaculus (affectionately referred to as Turmy). ... Of course, there are times when Turmy just won't wake up for you, even ... If you do manage to wake him up, he will reward you (not-so) greatly with one of ...

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The Turmaculus will also do one of the following to your pet (if you successfully wake ... For the predicted times of when the Turmaculus will wake up, click here.

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If you bring your petpet to the sleeping beast and happen to wake him up, he can ... The Turmaculus can be found in the land of Meridell, sleeping nearly 24 hours a day. ... First, go to his sleeping spot in Meridell (you can do by clicking here!)

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As anyone waking up they can either be in a good mood or a bad mood he can ... the predicted times that the Turmaculus will be awoken, without having to do ...

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posted in Neopets Dailies: Is Turmaculus awake? Bump the topic when its awake , but please no discusions and if you bump post time also. Only post when Turmy is ... The king of all petpets is sleeping... can your petpet wake him up?? You have awoken the ... how long does he stay awake? Posted Image

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Users can attempt to wake up the Turmaculus outside of this time window; however, they will always fail in their ...

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Wake up Turmaculus and if it eats your Petpet, you get the avatar. ... Farm - Pick Your Own and do not have any Dung in your punnet by the time you are done.

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If you wake him up, you could receive Neopoints, items, or Turmaculus may even ... Most of the time, it won't find anything, but sometimes it will find a prize inside, ... the damage you do is multiplied by your Petpet's level (assuming your petpet ...

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Nov 18, 2015 ... Each Neopet can only have one Petpet attached to them at a time. ... There are many activities that users can do with their Petpets on the Neopets website. ... Users can have their Petpets wake up the Turmaculus, or they can ...