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Climate of Sydney


The climate of Sydney is temperate, having warm, sometimes hot summers and mild winters, .... Other seasons seldom see such fluctuations in a day's span. .... Averaging at 13.8 km/h (8.6 mph), N...

Cliff Mass Weather Blog: When is the windiest time of the day?


Jul 17, 2009 ... You will also notice the wind shift...typically southwesterly in the morning and northwesterly ... So why do winds vary during the day so much?

What time of day is usually the windiest - Answers


What is the windiest continent? ... How many times each day does high tide usually occur? twice ... The world's windiest city is apparently Dodge City, Kansas .

Dear Tom, Why is daytime windier than night? Gusty ...


Jun 2, 1999 ... Gusty daytime winds calmed as soon as night approached the other day-- something I've noticed many times. Next morning at sunrise, the gusty ...

Melbourne Weather • Climate, rainfall and temperatures in ...


It is high summer in Melbourne during January and February, a typical day is warm and sunny with a ... The windiest time of the year in Melbourne begins in July. ... The temperature usually reaches the mid-20s for the first time since April.

Spraying Herbicides: Does Time of Day Matter? - Agri-View


Oct 26, 2006 ... What effect does the time of day - or night - when spraying is done have ... We also did not typically observe dew at 9 p.m. when activity was ... "Unfortunately, this time period often represents the windiest part of the day when ...

Weather FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - Costa Rica


13 - What time is sunrise and sunset in Costa Rica? 14 - When is the rainy season in Costa Rica? 15 - Which months are the windiest in Costa Rica? 16 - Why is ... Mornings are usually sunny, with afternoon storms moving in later in the day.

Winds - usa today


The seasonal change in wind direction is usually accompanied by heavy rain and ... (Prevailing winds in the winter time are from the west and northwest-the dry ... Q: On a sunny day, why is it often windier in the afternoon than in the morning?

Re: Is it generally windier at night? - MadSci Network


May 2, 2006 ... Since, in most places in the world it is generally much windier during the day than it is at night (In my reasearch in North America, I typically find ...

Where are the windiest parts of the UK - Met Office


Sep 17, 2015 ... Winter is the windiest time of year in the UK. ... UK lead to northern and western areas being typically more exposed than the south and east.

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Why the mornings are normally less windy than the afternoons ...


Why the mornings are normally less windy than the afternoons? The reason is this. During the afternoon, the sun's heating is the strongest and this heating ...

Weather & Climate Matter: The Windiest Time of the Year


Mar 28, 2012 ... Historically, March 21st is the windiest single day of the year. ... national coastline , average annual windspeeds are usually 6.5 mph or greater.

Why Are Nights More Calm Compared To The Day? | A Moment of ...


Aug 1, 2012 ... More often than not, the wind dies down at night after a blustery day. ... And that's a little crazy, because normally the atmosphere gets cooler as ...