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How to avoid phishing attempts and protect your account information. Never click on email links that ask you for any personal or account information. Make sure ...


Since Craigslist doesn't get involved in any transactions or store your financial ... Craigslist hackers value Craigslist accounts for the purpose of posting spam or ... After working for telecom giant Comcast and traveling to Oregon, he's written ... Credit Card Phishing Scams · Craigslist staffs about 30 employees, some of whom ...


May 17, 2016 ... When it was founded it provided the Internet with a much needed platform for ... information from registered Craigslist account holders by sending phishing SMS text ... These SMS phishing text messages take many forms.


When you reply from your email address with your resume, all of a sudden the ... at work, and they get the email lookup information that they're phishing for. ... such as Yahoo or Gmail, and use that email address for your Craig's List account.


Jul 21, 2013 ... 9 Things You Need to Do When Your Email is Hacked ... Or you might figure it out because you can no longer log in to your account, or your ... likelihood that you will be exposed to a phishing scam at some point is relatively high. .... I received email notices from Craigslist as they attempted to hack my acct.


Just like email accounts and online merchant connections, your Craigslist account makes an ... ... Known as phishing, this process uses your good intentions against you, ... After you type in your contact number, an automated system calls it to ... Take advantage of Craigslist's anonymization feature to protect your contact ...


To avoid expiration of your Craigslist account, make sure you post or at least log in ... After three months, if you haven't logged in or posted, your account will expire. 3. ... These emails are phishing scams that usually include a link to a URL that ...


Mar 9, 2010 ... A new phishing scam is using the classified advertising Web site ... account and prompted Nagel to send his account information to get the problem fixed. ... said his uncle lost $18,000 through a Craigslist scam when he tried ...


Hi, Folks, I update and re-post my Craigslist ad for Rover whenever I remember to do it; not ... that says something like, "Your Craigslist account has been put on hold. ... but my first thought is it possible that your account was phished - by ... your entry will be published after you log in or create a new account.

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