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Excavation (archaeology)


In archaeology, excavation is the exposure, processing and recording of archaeological ... Resources and other practical issues do not allow archaeologists to carry out excavations whenever and wher...

Tools Used in Archaeology - New Philadelphia Archaeological Project


A wide range of tools are used at an archaeological site, some of which may be very familiar and others which are more specialized. Below are images and ...

Ask the Experts: AIA Archaeology FAQ - Archaeological Institute of ...


Archaeologists use a great variety of tools for excavation, depending on the nature of the area ...

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Because excavating any area of an archaeological site can only occur once, ... Mattock: a hand tool similar to a pick axe, used for removing soil and debris. .... they can analyse them, but so that others (now and in the future) can do so as well.

Tools of the Archaeologist - ArchaeologyExpert.co.uk


Jul 19, 2016 ... In the archaeological laboratory, technicians are using microscopes, x-ray ... Also , do you guys know what tools archaeologists use at the site of ...

Tools of the Trade | Time Team America | PBS


From the trowel to the backhoe, different sites require different tools. Part of archaeological training is knowing when to use which one. Each site has a different ...

How do Archaeologists Find Sites? - Voices of the Sandhills


Archaeologists have many tools that help them locate archaeological sites. They use old maps and other historical documents to see where people used to live.

Archtools : Archaeology Excavation and Digging Tools


Archtools Archaeology Tool Shop is the leading supplier of archaeological excavation tools.

What excavation tools do marine archaeologists use?


Marine archaeologists use essentially the same excavation tools as those used by archaeologists working on land. A team of research divers positions the end ...

Archaeology Equipment: The Tools of the Trade


A photo essay of the tools that archaeologists use during the course of an investigation, before, during and after the excavations.

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Prescot Dig - What tools do archaeologists use? - L - P : Archaeology


Archaeologists have to use particular tools to excavate their sites. Some of these tools are very specialised and expensive, and some are very common and ...

Excavation Tools for Archaeology - Past Horizons


Past Horizons provides a range of products from the WHS Archaeology Trowel to Sieves, Trugs and ... You need the right tools for Excavation and Fieldwork.

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Sep 21, 2011 ... For people interested in archaeology, the information about what tools do archaeologists use would prove to be helpful. Archaeology is all ...