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Aug 4, 2014 ... Are you a loyal Guardian, or a fierce Warrior? Take this quiz to find out. Edit: Thank you all for the support on my first ever quiz! I'm so glad you ...

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Mar 15, 2005 ... Are you the warlike Archangel? Or the wise Seraphim? What about the intelligent Dominion? Find out HERE!

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Sep 9, 2011 ... Are you a loyal gardian angel, a lost and confused trapped angel, a depressed fallen angel, and evil dark angel or a delicate sensitive human ...

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What is the Angel inside you? Is it dark or light? Is it good or evil? Now you can find it out by doing this freakin' Quiz.. C'mon!! Just do it!! I dont know what to say..

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Did you know there are nine different kind of angels in the Christian hierarchy? Curious which one best matches your personality? Take this quiz to find out.

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There are many different types of Angels that exist; some are unknown to humans . This quiz lets you find out which of a few types you are. There are 5 types ...

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I have included the best and worst of each Enneagram type in the descript... ... of each Enneagram type in the description as well as the attributes of the angels.

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self explanatory Take this quiz! Which color do you prefer? In your spare time you : Your friends would say you are: I would say my friends are: You see a.

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In times of trouble, people look to good luck charms, books of faith, or angels to guard them ... Find out the archangel with whom you share a spiritual connection.

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Being compassionate and kind; Doing whatever suits you best; Living by a moral code; Cleaning up other people's messes. What do people love about you?