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The master race was a concept in Nazi ideology in which the Nordic or Aryan races, which .... Hitler's racial policy with regard to the Slavs, to the extent that it was formulated, was "dep...

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In his speeches and writings, Hitler spread his beliefs in racial "purity" and in the superiority of the "Germanic race"—what he called an Aryan "master race.

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The English scientist Francis Galton coined the term eugenics, meaning “good ... Hitler's regime touted the “Nordic race” as its eugenic ideal and attempted to ...

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According to Mein Kampf (My Struggle), Hitler developed his political theories ... Hitler's Nazi theory also claimed that the Aryan race is a master race, superior to  ...

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Master race definition, a people or nation, as the Germans during the Nazi period , ... by Hitler, believed to be superior to other races German name Herrenvolk.

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Berlin, 1933: With a unique blend of nationalism, militarism, and racial theory, Adolf Hitler persuades millions that they are a unique people -- a master race with ...

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Hitler believed that the Aryan people and Germany was destined to rule the world . ... seen as imperfect and also a drain on the resources of the 'master race'.

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Hitler believed that the pure German people, the Aryans, were the master race. Hitler said that one of the reasons that Germany lost the First World War was that.

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Jun 13, 2008 ... The theory of Scandinavian racial purity cherished by Hitler and the ... back up claims that northern Europeans could form a Master Race which ...

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The Theory of the Master Race: Hitler essays1. Hitler does not believe that all race are equal or deserving of education. He believes that the Aryan race is the ...

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Hitlers Lebensborn program to produce a master race of Aryan babies was a ... The book abounds with concepts like struggle, selection, survival of the fittest, ...

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Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party ascribed to the concept of the “Master Race”. This ideology held that the Aryan Races, people of Northern European descent, ...

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Nov 6, 2006 ... Blond hair, blue eyes: the Third Reich's sinister plan to boost the "master race" has left behind an emotionally charged legacy that lingers to this ...