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Prometheus, one of the Titans in Greek mythology, was the god of fire. A master ... To punish Prometheus, Zeus chained the god to a rock on a mountain peak.

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Chained to a rock in the mountains, where an eagle (some say a vulture) came every day and gnawed his liver. This went on for 30 years until the hero Hercules  ...

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Prometheus and Epimetheus were spared imprisonment in Tartarus because they ... To punish man, Zeus had Hephaestus create a mortal of stunning beauty.

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Zeus permitted Prometheus and Epimetheus to populate the earth with ... so he did the next best thing - Swearing revenge, he punished humans by taking away  ...

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Apr 20, 2013 ... Zeus was outraged by Prometheus' theft of fire and so punished the Titan by having him taken far to the east, perhaps the Caucasus.

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Siding with the winning side, Prometheus avoided being punished with the rest of ... In an event called Trick at Mecone, he tricked Zeus by asking him to choose ...

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Prometheus was a minor god who had a big job that Zeus had given him— creating humans to live on the ... Zeus punished the people on earth another way .

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Prometheus and Epimetheus were spared imprisonment in Tatarus because they ... To punish man, Zeus had Hephaestus create a mortal of stunning beauty.

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Sep 8, 2016 ... Being the great Titan who stole fire from Zeus and granted it to humankind, Prometheus was punished sorely, chained to a mountain in the ...

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Mar 3, 1997 ... Prometheus did not tell Zeus the prophecy that one of Zeus's sons will overthrow him. In punishment, Zeus commanded that Prometheus be ...