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The Saturn V (spoken as "Saturn five") was an American human-rated expendable rocket used ...... The Saturn C-5N would carry a considerably greater payload to interplanetary destinations. Work on the nuclear engines, along with all Saturn V ...


The Saturn V rocket for the uncrewed Apollo 4 mission was the first flight ... that will be capable of sending humans aboard Orion to deep-space destinations ...


The Destination Moon exhibition tour is developed by the Smithsonian Institution ... injector plate from the Saturn V rocket recovered from the ocean floor in 2013.


Oct 5, 2013 ... English: This is a picture of all Saturn V launches - created by Reubenbarton using Paint Shop Pro. The collage has been extended by ...


Feb 21, 2016 ... LEGO Ideas project: Destination Moon! ... fateful period of history with your very own Microscale Saturn-V Rocket Complete Launch Assembly!


The tram tour at Johnson Space Center visits the all-important Mission Operations Control Room 2 as well as a Saturn V rocket designed for the cancelled ...


Oct 17, 2016 ... The delta-V requirements to reach the asteroids, Jupiter or Saturn aren't ... Mars is not only an awesome destination, it is also a gateway to the ...


Feb 22, 2017 ... "Destination Moon: The Apollo 11 Mission" marks the first time the craft .... Also on display will be an injector plate from one of the five Saturn V ...


Experience the wonder of the Apollo program, the lunar landing, and even see the largest rocket ever flown at the Apollo/Saturn V Center.


The Saturn V can be considered one of mankind's greatest achievements. ... out plans to create a total mission experience destination at Kennedy Space Center.