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Planets beyond Neptune


Following the discovery of the planet Neptune in 1846, there was considerable speculation that ... In 2014, based on similarities of the orbits of a group of recently discovered extreme trans-Neptun...

Kepler Finds 1st Earth-Size Planet In 'Habitable Zone' of Another ...


While planets have previously been found in the habitable zone, they are all at least .... Recently returned station astronaut Kjell Lindgren is such a fan that he .... Kepler-16b, the first planet known to definitively orbit two stars - what's called a ...

Three Earth-like planets discovered orbiting dwarf star - CNN.com


May 2, 2016 ... For the first time, researchers have discovered three potentially habitable, ... Of these newly discovered planets, nine orbit in the habitable zone of their star ..... also called TRAPPIST (transiting planets and planetesimals small ...

Astronomers say a Neptune-sized planet lurks beyond Pluto - Science


Jan 20, 2016 ... Astronomers at the Berlin Observatory found the new planet, Neptune, ... near the plane of solar system in which Earth orbits, called the ecliptic.

Scientists Find Evidence for Ninth Planet in Solar System


Jan 20, 2016 ... A planet 10 times as massive as Earth, called Planet Nine in the diagram ... Trujillo of the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii, who discovered Biden.

Newly Discovered Planet Could Destroy Earth Any Day Now - Snopes


Apr 7, 2016 ... Claim: An astrophysicist warned that a "newly discovered Planet X" could ... Planet Nine's passage through a rock-laden area called the Kuiper ...

Kepler-22b | 10 NASA images of planets like Earth | MNN - Mother ...


Are we the only life forms in the universe, or are neighbors like us lurking just beyond the reaches of our solar system? NASA has made it a mission to discover .

Caltech Researchers Find Evidence of a Real Ninth Planet | Caltech


Jan 20, 2016 ... Caltech researchers have found evidence of a giant planet tracing a bizarre, highly elongated orbit in the outer solar system. The object, which ...

NASA Has Discovered A New Planet Covered With Marijuana


NASA has announced this morning that they have discovered a planet completely ... Planet X637Z-43, discovered using NASA's Kepler satellite, would also ...

Why this newly found planet is STELLAR news for your ... - Daily Mail


Jan 24, 2016 ... Why this newly found planet is STELLAR news for your lovelife: Discovery ... existence of this new giant planetPlanet 9 as it has been called.

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New planet may have been discovered, researchers say - CNN.com


Jan 21, 2016 ... You might have a replacement, Pluto. There could be another planet in our solar system.

Why scientists think they've found a new planet in our solar system ...


Jan 29, 2016 ... Scientists think they've found evidence of a massive planet on the edge of the ... out there, was a mysterious tenth planet calledPlanet X.” In 2006, the IAU ... But recently, researchers published an argument that there is in fact ...

Planet Nine: Recently Discovered Planet Could Wipe Out Earth This ...


Apr 7, 2016 ... Planet Nine: Recently Discovered Planet Could Wipe Out Earth This ... of impending doom from a red dwarf planet called Nibiru or Nemesis, ...