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The Gupta Empire was an ancient Indian empire, founded by Sri Gupta, which existed at its .... With a dowry of the kingdom of Magadha (capital Pataliputra) and an alliance with the Licchavis of Nepa...

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Oct 30, 2015 ... To rule the vast empire more efficiently, Chandragupta II founded his second capital in Ujjain. He also took care to strengthen the navy.

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May 20, 2016 ... Gupta dynasty, rulers of the Magadha (now Bihar) state in ... and the Delhi national capital territory, which includes New Delhi, India's.

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The Gupta Empire, which ruled the Indian subcontinent from 320 to 550 AD, ... Samudragupta (often called Samudragupta the Great) founded a new capital city, .

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It was the capital city of the Mauryan Empire c. 326–184 b.c.e., when it was perhaps the largest city in the world, and again of the Gupta Empire, 320–550 c.e.

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Important facts and objective questions on Gupta Dynasty and its rulers - Chandragupta-I, ... Patliputra continued to be the capital of Gupta dynasty. Ujjain was ...

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Srigupta I (270-290 AD) who was perhaps a petty ruler of Magadha (modern Bihar) established Gupta dynasty with Patliputra or Patna as its capital. He was ...

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Chandra Gupta and his sons reunite much of northern India. The empire holds off foreign armies until around 550 CE, a little more than 200 years after ... There were rest houses for travelers along India's highways, and the capital city had a ...

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The Gupta Empire (A.D. 320 to 647) was marked by the return of Brahmanism ... Based in the Ganges Valley, he established a capital at Pataliputra and united ...

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Sep 22, 2016 ... The Lion Capital of Asoka at Sarnath, remains the emblem of India. ... The Maurya Empire when first founded by Chandragupta Maurya c.

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The Gupta dynasty is believed to have started as a wealthy family from either ... of Pataliputra as the Gupta capital, and from this administrative base the empire ...

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Although the Gupta Empire was not as large as the Maurya Empire, it kept north India .... Ujjain seems to have been made the second capital of Chandragupta II.

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Gupta Dynasty Indian History including developments in politics, economics, culture, social ... Pataliputra : Mauryan capital: magnificent palaces, temples, parks ...