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What Causes Cultural Diffusion?
Cultural diffusion is a term used by social scientists to describe the cultural change. Languages, technologies and cultural differences that are common in one particular region are considered indigenous to that region. When those cultural... More »
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In cultural anthropology and cultural geography, cultural diffusion, as conceptualized by Leo Frobenius in his 1897/98 publication Der westafrikanische ...

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Cultural diffusion occurs via mechanisms including human migration, intercultural marriages or cultural exchange via letters, books or electronic media.

Examples of Cultural Diffusion


Cultural diffusion is the spread of cultural beliefs and social activities from one group to another. See some examples of cultural diffusion here.

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Cultural diffusion happens all over the world, from fast food restaurants to new ... and will continue to occur due to the fact that new technology has caused our ...

Cultural Change: Main Factors and Causes of Cultural Change


The contact between two societies will obviously change the culture of both the societies through the process of “cultural diffusion” and “acculturation”.

What is cultural diffusion and what are some causes of it


Cultural diffusion is when another culture benefits from another by trade or some sort of partnership. Two empires might like to combine their skills and rule as ...

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Some causes of cultural diffusion was when different people traded with each other and when they moved.

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In fact, it has happened: when the USS Yorktown was fighting at the Battle of Midway (1942), Japanese planes sunk her. Her planes were diverted to other carriers, ...

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The third cause of cultural change is diffusion, the spread of cultural traits from one society to another. Because new information technology sends information ...