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The economic policies of Bill Clinton, referred to by some as Clintonomics encapsulates the ... Clinton assumed office following the end of a recession, and the economic ... In proposing a plan to c...

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Feb 3, 2008 ... This chart, based on historical figures from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, shows the total deficit or surplus for each fiscal year ...

US Debt by President: By Dollar and Percent - The Balance


For example, President Bush took office in January 2001. ... Each year's deficit takes into account budgeted spending and anticipated revenue ... a 101 percent increase from the $5.8 trillion debt at the end of Clinton's last budget, FY 2001.

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Compared to the US economy, the national debt is smaller than it was after World War II. ... That's why the graph shoots up when he takes office. ... is seeing the same thing all over again and says he's voting for Hillary Clinton (09/19/16).

No, Bill Clinton Didn't Balance the Budget | Cato Institute


The figure shows the Clinton deficit baseline. What changed this bleak outlook? ... 1998, 210, +60. * Congressional Budget Office forecast, April 1995.

Does Obama have the 'worst' record of any president on the national ...


Dec 8, 2014 ... Bill Clinton frequently brags about creating a budget surplus, but that was partly a ... Size of national debt when Reagan took office: $1 trillion

Hillary Clinton loves to trumpet Bill's budget surplus. She shouldn't.


May 24, 2016 ... "We had a balanced budget and a surplus when my husband left the ... said in July, lamenting the Bush administration's turn back to deficits in ...

The Myth of the Clinton Surplus - Craig Steiner


In that same link, Clinton claimed that the national debt had been reduced by $360 ... Keep in mind that President Bush took office in January 2001 and his first  ...

Bill Clinton says his administration paid down the debt | PolitiFact


Sep 23, 2010 ... 19, 2010, edition of Meet the Press, former President Bill Clinton drew a ... In the NewsBusters post, associate editor Noel Sheppard took issue with Clinton's portrayal. ... Unlike deficits, which start fresh every year, the debt is cumulative and ... The Office of Management and Budget estimates that the public ...

The Facts About Budget Deficits: How The Presidents Truly Rank


Jul 11, 2012 ... For example, President Reagan took office on Jan. ... no denying the order in which the last five presidents rank on the basis of deficits: Clinton, ...