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Seat belts were invented by English engineer George Cayley in the ... to the automotive industry with his idea of retractable seat belts.

Seat Belt History - Evolution of the Seat Belt


History of Seat Belts in the United States - the evolution of seat belt buckles and ... been issued by the Society of Automotive Engineers ("SAE") (29 F.R. 12736, ...

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AUTO HISTORY. Starting to Click: A History of Automotive Seatbelts. By Llewellyn Hedgbeth. In olden days horse and cart drivers tried to figure how to keep ...

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A year later the Society of Automotive Engineers appointed their first Motor Vehicle Seat Belt Committee. It was in 1955, as well, that California became the first ...

Are classic cars required to have seatbelts? - Seattle 911 — A Police ...


Oct 24, 2008 ... Q: Is it legal to drive a vintage pre-1963 car without a seatbelt? A: Yes, it is legal ... Are motorcyclists required to have insurance? Is it possible to ...

History of Seat Belts - Inventors


A seat belt helps keep you safe but who invented the first one? ... History of Seat Belts. Girl (5-7) in ballet outfit playing video game in backseat of car. Longview/ ...

Seat Belts and Your Collector Car - Hagerty


Sep 1, 2005 ... Some hobbyists like that they can drive vintage cars and trucks without seat belts. Others install seat belts as soon as they get their first vintage ...

What year did cars get shoulder seat belts? (Child Passenger Safety ...


The first mandatory shoulder belts were not the 3-point belts as we see nowadays. They were just a belt attached to the inside roofline of the car ...

Automotive Safety Milestones - Auto Diagnosis Repair Help


Great strides have been made by all major automakers to improve vehicle safety, ... Nash-Kelvinator introduces the Rambler, the first car to offer seat belts. 1951.

Strapping Success: The 3-Point Seatbelt Turns 50 | WIRED


Aug 13, 2009 ... Volvo made history — and the world a far safer place — 50 years ago today when it delivered the world's first car with standard three-point safety belts. ... it remains the most widely used safety innovation in automotive history.

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The Hotly Contested History of the Seat Belt - esurance on


Claghorn's invention fizzled, but cars with seat belts begin to appear. ... Automotive Engineers gets wise and establishes the Motor Vehicle Seat Belt Committee.

Three-point seatbelt inventor Nils Bohlin born - Jul 17 ... - History.com


On this day in History, Three-point seatbelt inventor Nils Bohlin born on Jul 17, ... Bohlin had developed the three-point seat belt, introduced in Volvo cars in 1959. ... Since 1959, engineers have worked to enhance the three-point belt, but the ...

Seat Belts History - RoSPA


Feb 28, 2014 ... Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) appoints Motor Vehicle Seat Belt Committee. 1956. Volvo markets 2-point cross-chest diagonal belt as ...