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Our Gang was a series of American comedy short films about a group of poor neighborhood .... The colloquial usage of the term Our Gang led to its becoming the series' second (yet more popular) official title, with the title cards ..... The characters of Alfalfa, Spanky, Buckwheat, Darla, and Froggy were especially well known.


Darla Jean Hood (November 8, 1931 - June 13, 1979) was an American child actress, best ... Cause of death, Acute hepatitis ... She played Darla in Our Gang, except for her Our Gang debut, in which her character's name was "Cookie" ... all live in Hollywood: With Dracula and Darla Hood: Unspoken words were understood.


Jul 5, 2010 ... BACKGROUND According to Our Gang producer Hal Roach, 176 kids played in the 221 ... wonder if the kids who starred in the Our Gang films were under some kind of cloud. ... Cause of death: pneumonia, following a stroke.


Feb 11, 2012 ... Soon we speculate as to the reason why such a dark cloud .... Many Our Gang cast members were never touched by the “curse” and others ...


Are actors from the 'Our Gang' series the victims of a curse causing them to die unexpectedly young? ... To amplify on that last point, we'd explain it this way: If one were to choose any group of ... Died of natural causes in 2011 at the age of 88.


The death death of Our Gang's Carl Alfalfa Switzer, who played Alfalfa on Little Rascals, ... The gunshot caused Stiltz's fiancee and her three children (who were  ...


Sep 12, 2013 ... The Little Rascals comedy shorts were incredibly popular in the early years of ... Norman “Chubby” Chaney died of a glandular ailment at 21.

Oct 26, 2014 ... I had no idea Alfalfa died over 50 Bucks! .... Carl's bad behavior caused his early death. .... the little rascals were some cute little kids. I couldn't ...
Oct 14, 2008 ... A report on the dimize or infamous Curse of the child stars that performed on the Old show "'the little rascals" ... I'm only 16 but these guys were my childhood seeing them die so tragically is really upsetting ... 1 million etc, 99% of all people will die due to various reasons at different ages :-( . . while some ...