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Ethylene glycol poisoning


Treatment for antifreeze poisoning needs to be started as soon after ingestion as ... However, many hospitals do not have the facilities to perform this test and need to rely ... during the winter, ...

Whiskey saves womanwho drank antifreeze


Dec 31, 2002 ...You will have to forgive me with my recollection of events, because ... to do, but the doctor was saying to me, 'you could die here, woman, you must stay.'” ... Even if it doesn't kill someone, drinking antifreeze can cause kidney ...

Why Is It So Easy to Slip Someone Antifreeze? | Mental Floss


Jun 12, 2013 ... This helps illustrate why antifreeze poisoning is so common and often successful: Ethylene glycol tastes pretty good for something that can kill you. ... other, bitter toxins do, and people and pets may not notice anything is wrong. .... if the new bitterness will keep animals from drinking the Kool-Aid as well.

Antifreeze Poisoning


Dec 16, 2014 ... About five tablespoons can kill a medium sized dog. If you see your pet drinking antifreeze, or are at all suspicious that your pet may have had ...

Antifreeze: Bad for Your Kids and Pets


Only small amounts of antifreeze are dangerous if swallowed. ... Adults have been poisoned because someone poured antifreeze into soft drink containers. ... How does antifreeze harm you? ... How do I prevent antifreeze poisoning? Children ...

What does antifreeze do to humans if ingested? - Ask.com


A person who ingests antifreeze usually exhibits symptoms of poisoning, ... How do you treat Clorox fume exposure? ... What does antifreeze smell like? A:.

Antifreeze Poisoning in Dogs | petMD


This occurs in homes where the residents will use antifreeze during the cold months to "winterize" their pipes. Even if you do not take this action in your own ...

Antifreeze Poison Symptoms - Cats | petMD


Antifreeze poisoning is a potentially fatal condition that results from the ... This does not take the place of veterinary care, but will assist you in treating your cat in a ... Cats typically do not exhibit increased thirst; producing only small amounts of  ...

Antifreeze and Windshield Wiper Fluid › Connecticut Poison Control ...


Both can cause serious effects if swallowed, even in small amounts. ... If an antifreeze or windshield wiper poisoning occurs, DO NOT "wait and see" if a person or pet will have a problem. You may not notice ill effects for several hours or longer. ... Many children, and adults, accidentally drink antifreeze or windshield wip...

How Much Anti-Freeze Can One Safely Consume? - Straight Dope ...


It's well known that animals find anti-freeze to be so appealing that they'll lap ... sweet, i cant imagine it does.. have you smelt it before? it smells really bitter... but i think animals probably do it because they're thirsty, come on, .... I would always stop at the 7-11 and buy a super big glup to drink while I worked.

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Antifreeze poisoning: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia


This article discusses poisoning caused by swallowing antifreeze. ... Do NOT make a person throw up unless told to do so by poison control or a health care professional. ... This national hotline number will let you talk to experts in poisoning.

What can happen if a human drinks or inhales anti freeze? | Yahoo ...


Jul 12, 2007 ... Of course it's not good to drink anti freeze, but it depends on how ... you drink it. so do not drink or inhale it. you want ,want to know what will be ...

Couple nearly die after drinking antifreeze they thought was ...


Oct 7, 2010 ... It was just like something you would see in the supermarket. ... hazardous items in bottles which are labelled as being something you can drink.' .... are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

That's What Happens When You Drink Antifreeze (2006) - YouTube


Jun 3, 2009 ... That's What Happens When You Drink Antifreeze (2006) .... I dnt wanna die like that..antifreeze is out .... Drink real anti freeze and bleach.

Antifreeze Poisoning in Humans – Signs and Symptoms ...


Infants who can access a poorly secured or open bottle of antifreeze may also be at risk of poisoning. ... The effects of antifreeze poisoning are not directly from ethylene glycol but ... I found a spray bottle of rat poison hanging on door under my sink where you'd find my windex ( I didn't buy it or put it there). ... What do...